A Minor, Yet Weird, Miracle

I just broke a glass in my drugged out state.  I reached down, picked up the pieces, and stood up to throw them away.  I heard a loud crack under my heel, like I’d stepped on a potato chip.

No such luck.

I’d stepped on and further broken a large piece of broken glass.

And yet, I was unhurt!

Isn’t that weird?

4 thoughts on “A Minor, Yet Weird, Miracle

  1. Admit it. You weren’t sick today, you went to one of those hard core motivational seminars, walked on glass, and now you’re practicing at home. Don’t think the ghosts of the Civil War didn’t tell me.

  2. You must walk barefoot quite a bit. I wish my feet were still that tough, but they’re just big, soft lumps on the end of my legs, anymore. Darn it all…

  3. I do go around barefoot quite a bit, but wow! Still. To just crunch glass like a potato chip? Maybe I’m developing super powers!

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