Let’s Everybody Comment!

Okay, both Coble and Magniloquence have been unable to comment here lately and it makes me unhappy.

I implore you, if you love me, try to comment on this post. If you cannot, please email me at appropriateaunt at yahoo dot com and let me know that you can’t and what internet service provider you’re using so that when I contact Squarespace to grouch, I have some facts for them.


Okay, I think I have enough information to go to Squarespace with.  I’m going to say that the vast majority of you can post just fine, some of you feel like it’s taking longer than usual for Squarespace to respond when you hit “post”, some of you can only post intermittently and some not at all.  The folks who are having trouble posting don’t seem to have geography or ISP in common, but you all are getting a blank page that just says “ready” after you hit “post.”

We’ll see what happens.

I Lost My Coat

I don’t know where, for sure.  I put it in the car on my way home from Illinois and haven’t seen it since.  I loved that coat–warm, blue, and finally broken in just right.

I’m going to have to go get myself another one, I guess. 

Showing the World Your Cooter

I’ve been trying to understand the rash of celebrity cooter sightings lately and I just don’t get it, so I thought I might throw it open to discussion.

I realize there’s a lot of ways this could veer off into a discussion of how porn has become mainstreamed, but I keep thinking that the porn discussion might actually be a distraction.  Still, there’s something “Girls Gone Wild” about it.

But can I tell you what strikes me about it?

Why don’t we go flashing our cooters around?  Yes, in part, because it’s indecent.

But also, “Good girls” don’t go running around town without underwear on because bad things might happen to them.  Isn’t that the implicit threat?  Don’t go flashing it around if you don’t want someone to decide he can lay claim to it?

Be enticing.  Don’t be so enticing that men “can’t help themselves.”

Here’s what I wonder.  Is this a flaunting not just of social conventions but of power?  “I have so much power that, even if I were running around town with my cooter hanging out, nothing bad can happen to me.”?  Or, if the paparazzi is mostly male, is it a way for these young female celebrities to rub it in the camera man’s face–“You matter so little to me, your view of me is so unimportant, that I dress as if your gaze has no power over me.”

I don’t know what to make of it.  But it seems like there’s something going on there.

Another Good Thing about Polyandry

All my husbands could work and I could stay at home and sleep.  Or try to find my coat.  Or write poems about my new phone.

But, alas, all y’all are not willing to cooperate with the will of God.  Therefore I have to go back to work.

Thanks for nothing.

Next time, I’m going to ask God why I can’t have five wives.