The Butcher Found My Coat!

It was in the aquarium.

Don’t even ask why we own an aquarium full of coats, but we do and there it is and it will be warm when I walk the dog in the morning and all broken in and I will do a little dance like this:


in which each < or > indicates the direction I will be shaking my toasty warm self in my beloved coat! 

Random Things that Make Me Happy

1.  Coble’s got a lovely snippet about Orion.  If ever I were going to get a tattoo, it’d be that… Orion, not Kat’s post.

2.  Belledame brings us a really nice Neil Gaiman quote.

3.  In case the Butcher asks, I think one of these would make a lovely Christmas present for a delightful sister.

4.  I am so tired.  I could use a nap, but I made it through one day of work, I can make it through the next.  Apparently this flu is just dragging on.  I think that, if I could sleep at night, I’d be in better shape during the day.  Ha, that’s some medical wisdom for you–Sleep if you don’t want to be tired.

5.  I’d like a house.  Or a condo.   I just want a living space that is mine to live in.  I know I keep saying that, but I think you have to articulate your desires if you want to have them met.