“But I Drive Down Jefferson Street!”

Y’all, this is the kind of story that careers get ruined over, but it is so funny to me that I cannot refrain from telling it to you anyway.  True story that I heard last night, but stripped of all revealing information.

Let’s say that there’s a large corporation here in town and upper management is taking a close look at why there’s very little diversity among middle management and why middle management seems to do more business, better, with other mostly white corporations, even though there are some well-known, diverse corporations here in town that would seem to logically be the first choice for such business needs.

So, one of the upper managers calls a team captain in and asks him why they aren’t taking advantage of the local resources.

And the middle manager is all “Are you insinuating that I’m racist?  But I drive down Jefferson Street!”


Hold on.

Even now it’s so funny to me that it takes me a moment.

Jefferson Street, for those of you unfamiliar with Nashville, was Main Street for black Nashvillians until the twin forces of desegregation and the interstate radically changed the landscape.  Even now, still, it runs through a predominately black part of town, from the river, past Fisk University and on out to the west.

And so, this dude is attempting to argue that he can’t possibly be racist, because he’s willing to drive down a street in a black part of town.

I just love this.  Let’s use where we drive not just as a marker for how open we are, but as the standard.  Are you willing to drive in a black neighborhood?  Well, then, I guess you can’t be racist. 

Gosh, that’s so much easier than actually acting in a non-racist manner!

I’m going to use that excuse whenever Sarcastro or Exador insinuates I have a problem with capitalism.

“Are you saying I’m a commie?  But I drive down West End, past all kinds of capitalist enterprises, every day!”

26 thoughts on ““But I Drive Down Jefferson Street!”

  1. I love that part of town. Jefferson Street is an excellent short cut when traffic is jammed up on the white streets.The Fisk campus is one of the great hidden gems in this town. Next time you go to Jubilee Hall check out the lead paint-free windows. All in a day’s work, ma’am. From a purely architectural standpoint, Fisk has some of the coolest and stylistically varied old buildings in town.When the zombie apocalypse comes, I plan on using the Administration Building as a safe house.Your use of West End has more to do with it being the direct route from your home to the large corporation you work for.

  2. Oh, dear. I’m not sure whether that’s a laugh until you cry story, or a laugh to keep from crying one.This is a prime example of being so close to something that you think you’re far away from it.

  3. I thought those windows tasted surprisingly safe to chew on the last time I was over there. Good job, sir!And the murals in the administration building are awesome. I can see why one would wait out a zombie apocalypse there.

  4. Just for diversity’s sake:I have driven down Dickerson Pike and Gallatin Road-does this mean I’m OK with white trash?I like to drive down Nolensville Road-obviously I’m Ok with immigrants.If I drive down Murfreesboro Road near downtown-does that mean I’m OK with prositution?I used to have customers at TSU and Meharry and let me tell you Jefferson street has changed a lot in the last 10 years. To eat lunch at Harper’s, I had to have an escort or I would not get served.

  5. Hey – I’ve eaten lunch in the pocket-park across the street from the downtown library. Despite the fact that I didn’t give anyone ANY money or food, I’m obviously concerned about the homeless and probably could be considered quite an expert on the homeless situation.As a person who drives on Jefferson every day at one point or the other, you’re missing great hot wings, a wonderful campus (as noted by Sarcastro above) and a host of other fine establishments.Maybe I should run for the president of the local NAACP. After all, if Ludye could run it…..nevermind

  6. "I’m OK with prostitution.""I have customers at TSU and Meharry""I had to have an escort or I would not get served."I see a theme here, saraclark. I know, I’m such a child.

  7. You really shouldn’t reveal that sort of information Sarcastro. I’ll see you at the safe house when the Zombie Apocolypse comes. But so will all the commies that read Aunt B.

  8. That’s… just silly.I’ll take a smooch, though. And in the name of communism I offer up this large tub of red licorice sitting on my desk. Y’all just need to fly to SoCal to pick it up. *nods*

  9. It sounds like the zombie apocolypse is going to quickly become a patriarchal system, where the women trade sex for food and protection.SWEET!

  10. Oh dear! I walk to work through a predominantly white neighborhood… am I at risk of becoming a Republican?

  11. Nice thought there Exador, but you missed the part where the trigger event for the zombie apocolypse leaves all females with extra sharp teeth in their vaginas. I’ll be ready to trade, no problem.

  12. *wonders if that means she’ll need to buy more toothbrushes*… nevermind. That thought got far more detailed than it had a right to.

  13. W, As the commies who read this blog are scared of guns and dabble in pacifism, they’ll be the first to get taken down by the zombies. We’ll be watching from a fortified position as the Birkenstock Brigade tries to "have a constructive dialogue and see the problem from the zombie point of view".If I see them coming, I’m aiming for the head. We’ll check credentials later.As for the vagina dentata, that may come in handy for rope-climbing.

  14. Hey, not me! Pacifism, unlike commieism, is against my religion. And I haven’t yet signed on to promise you smooches, so … be afraid. Your supplies just might have to go to the common good after all.

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