Also, When I am Queen of the World

When I am Queen of the World every architect will be required to navigate through his or her own building in a wheel chair while resting a heavy bag of books or groceries or squirrly puppies on his or her lap.

If ever there were a letter of the law vs. spirit of the law problem, it’s with accessibility issues.  It’s not enough to give folks the legal clearances they have to have, those clearances need to actually be navigable.

Also, when I am Queen of the World, someone will have to hold my hand on the escalator, no matter what. 

Argh! Christmas.

With the help of the fabulous folks down to the Hall of Fame, I’ve managed to locate my mom’s present for my dad.  Other than that, I have no Christmas shopping done.

I agree with Kat, something about this year has made it harder to get into the Christmas spirit, in part because of the lack of holiday cheer.  And I do mean, “holiday,” because it’s not just Christmas, even for the Christians–you’ve got advent and Christmas and clear through to Epiphany.  Lots of holy days in there for just Christians.

W. brings up in the comments the stupidity of the Seattle airport, which took down its Christmas tree rather than put up a menorah as well.

I don’t know.  There’s something niggling at me here, but I don’t quite know how to express it.  It seems inhospitable.

Christmas used to be a grand excuse for Christians to show their affection for the rest of the world–“I hope you don’t mind, I put up some lights, and a tree, and there’s some cookies over there, and here, I brought you a present.”–and sometimes it was awkward, but it meant well.

It seemed to mean well.

But as soon as folks wanted to return the favor–“Here, let us put up some lights.  Oh, I brought some treats my mom used to make.  Is there room at the table for this stuff, too?”–it’s met with “Christmas under attack.”

But I don’t see anyone attacking Christmas; I just see folks wanting to share in the good will of the season in their own ways.  Why is that so threatening?

In Which I Attempt to Unconfuse Kara

Just this evening the Butcher and I were sitting around watching the Bears play the Rams and before the game started, Barak Obama came on, made a little joke about running for president, put on a Bears hat and then smiled a smile so big and genuine it caused me to give a sigh and turn to the Butcher and say, “I hope he runs for President” to which the Butcher replied, “I do to, but all indications seem to be that the Democrats are going to run Hilary.”

“I wish they wouldn’t.  I think that’s setting a really bad precedent.”

“I know.  I don’t see why she can’t be happy being an incredibly powerful senator.”

I have these conversations all the time.  And so I assumed that the existence of such conversations was well-known by folks on the right.  It is, after all, one of the biggest discussions on the Left–should Hilary run or not?

But, apparently, whichever liberal has Kara, from The Right Stuff, on the “Keep Conservatives Informed About What We’re Up To” phone tree has been a little derelict in his or her duties.  And so, today, we find Kara asking:

But, oddly enough, when the Clintons do anything wrong, not a peep. Not one freakin’ peep. Even stranger, I’ve heard nothing from them on ol’ Hill’s aspirations to make a run for White House. If she does win the Presidency in 2008 (GOD forbid), will they be screaming ‘dynasty’? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and not call them out on possible future actions, but I would place a pretty solid bet.

How does this work?  How can one, with a straight face, call liberals out for not doing something and seem to deliberately avoid actually ascertaining whether we actually don’t do that thing?  Is turn-about fair play?  If so, then y’all, I am appalled that Kara Watkins has not taken a strong stance on baby pinching.  Will conservatives ever come out in opposition to baby pinching?  I highly doubt it.

But then Watkins goes on to complain about more liberal hypocrisy.

Furthermore, President Bush isn’t allowed to spy on terrorists hell-bent on killing us, but Clinton can spy on Princess Di? Are you serious?!

To which I must ask, what evidence does Kara have that anyone is arguing that Clinton had a right to spy on Di?  Of course he had no right.  But it’s bizarre.  If there’s silence on the left, it’s because it’s so bizarre.  To use an analogy, it’s as if we came home one day and Bush said, “I have a dildo stuck up my butt.”  You’d rather not know that, but the immediate plan of action is clear–you must clear the stuck object out of said butt.  But then we come home another day and someone tells you a story about how Clinton once stuffed a dozen golf balls up his butt.  What can you do?

Presumably, based on the story, the golfballs are already out, so you don’t have the urgency you did with Bush.  You could say something condemning about putting golfballs up his ass, but you’re kind of stuck at the “Why and how would someone put that many golfballs up his butt anyway?”  It’s really not exactly the same.

Why are we spending so much time talking about grown men stuffing things up their butts?

I don’t know.  Because I get so tired of all criticisms of Clinton eventually coming down to the fact that he’ll fuck ugly women.  Even Watkins can’t resist the lure of making the “Clinton fucks ugly chicks” joke.

Dammit, Bill! That woman would scare the buzzards off a meat wagon, and you had Hillary at home…well, okay, that’s not a great argument, I know, but geez! How hard is it to just refrain for Christ’s sake?!

Oh, ha, ha.  Clinton can’t control himself.  He fucks ugly chicks!  Isn’t it funny?  Get it?  It’s funny because he fucks whoever he can get his hands on.  He’s got no taste.  Clinton fucks ugly chicks and the liberals love him anyway.  God, what losers.

There are a lot of very good reasons to criticize Clinton.  I include the embarrassing spectacle of watching him lie to the county.  You might even criticize Clinton for not sticking to his marital vow.

But to criticize the man for also fucking ugly chicks?

To always come back to that?

Gosh, I wonder why we’re not running around looking for another excuse to bring that topic up again.