Go Ahead and Just Pop One of Those in Your Mouth


How can you resist? Look how cute they are? And the freckle?

Come now.

A willfully obtuse woman with such darling toes?

I bet you’re thinking about smooching me right now.

Who can blame you?

(I’m totally digging my camera phone, can you tell?)

10 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Just Pop One of Those in Your Mouth

  1. That poor pinky toe, though, damn. He’s all like, "What are you doing hauling me out here. Everyone knows I live under my brother, here."

  2. I was watching a porno. Not like a dirty porno, but like an empowering porno. The kind chicks dig. And in the previews there was this weirdo ad where people were licking women’s feet with great gusto.I think those people would really like your toes.

  3. I wonder if there’s a lot of money in toe porn… Because I could do some woman-friendly toe porn, that’s for sure. I could buy a house and call it "The house that toe porn built."

  4. Ok already, you have cute toes. And thank God that the second one isn’t bigger than the main toe (like my husband’s), because I find that inexplicably creepy for some reason, not that we an help the way our toes are, or anything. But they are huger than life-size on my screen, and it’s getting too close to dinnertime for me to want to gaze at their beauty any longer, so please write something else and push this further on down the page. Thank you.

  5. Am I the only person in the world who likes long toes? (No disrespect to you or your toes, B. They are cute. I just think long ones are cuter.) My husband has long toes and I think they’re adorable. But he says that they’re monkey toes and he’d rather have short ones.

  6. If it’s clean and toelike, I will tickle it. Heck, even if it’s dirty, if it’s cute and toelike and I’m not about to eat, I’ll tickle it anyway.Now, I myself am quite ticklish and don’t particularly enjoy having my toes tickled (or much of the rest of me, for that matter), and am thus more than happy to substitute firm touch and/or rubbing, for those so inclined.All in all, though, I really prefer backrubs. ;)

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