Come On-A My House; I Want to Give You Candy!

The interview would have been longer, but someone (cough*Butcher*cough) put 226 photos of dice on the camera and I only had three and a half minutes.

Still, good fun.

9 thoughts on “Come On-A My House; I Want to Give You Candy!

  1. Lynnster, when you live with an artist like the Butcher, you just have to accept that you’re going to end up with stuff like 226 photos of dice.

  2. I’ve met Ms. W., kinda – at least through your car window, and I think she’s awfully good looking. On the other hand, she seemed to be the video star (along with ms. kitty in a cameo) of the interview. Did the R.Baptist wish to remain off camera?Nice work, and credits and music, btw.

  3. What the heck is the part about SistaSmiff supposed to mean? Is it supposed to be disparaging…a slam to her beliefs…or what? That just made me say WTF.

  4. No, Sista Smiff is a big fan the Recovering Baptist, though they’ve never met, which is delightful to the Recovering Baptist, as she’s never had a blog fan before. and yet, the Recovering Baptist is a little flustered by the thought as well.

  5. Geez, B…you make me sound like a crazed stalker. I’m a fan of hers in the same way you, me or any other blogger enjoys reading others blogs. I find her writing style entertaining. What is so "flustering" about that? Something I’m missing here about what makes me so unusual in that so many of us admire each others writings and have met, shared meals, hung out….help me understand why I’m worthy of being totally humiliated on your blog and made to look like a psycho.

  6. Are you kidding? The Recovering Baptist is a big fan of yours, as am I. I’m sorry you felt it was unflattering. We totally meant it to sound like an inside joke between the three of us.

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