The Recovering Baptist Saves the Day!

The Recovering Baptist came over and cleaned my bathroom, swept my steps and my landing, and somehow made cleaning the kitchen not suck so bad.

She is magic.

It was amazing. I think she really likes to do that stuff.  And it looks good and it smells good.

I did my first bed interview with her, which turned out pretty funny, but not in the on-purpose way.  The dog insisted on laying between us like a piece of wood between unmarried settlers.

If I can get it uploaded to YouTube, I’ll post it tonight.  We discuss the Refugee Baptist and Sista Smiff, so good times.  Also, you’ll see the dog lick the cat, which is certainly something I’d never seen before.

Next, I hope to get Miss Plimco.  And maybe, someday, Blake, with his great big cute eyes.

And his cold conservative heart.

I tease.

I bet I could talk B-Dub into it, though, and boy do I have some questions for him.

8 thoughts on “The Recovering Baptist Saves the Day!

  1. My ears were burning (actually, someone else sent me here)…Should I be flattered or offended that you and Sista Smiff were discussing the Refugee Baptist?

  2. Will, even though I’m no longer Methodist, we do take a sacred vow at confirmation that, whenever possible, we’ll attempt to sew discord between Baptists. It’s just our way.

  3. B…a new year’s resolution must be for the RB and I to get together (with you, of course) so we can compare notes on GA’s, Acteens and other blessings of growing up SBC. You can send her on over before then to help me get the Casa de Smiff in order.

  4. Aunt B. I thought that Baptists had the corner on that ‘sew discord’ thing…but then, I was probably as sheltered as Sista Smiff. We (all) should talk.

  5. > you’ll see the dog lick the cat, which is certainly something I’d never seen before.We all do stupid things we’ve never done before, when the PitBulls Gone Wild(TM) crew points a camera at us.

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