Straight from the Tiny Cat Pants Test Kitchen

It’s really too bad that the Tiny Cat Pants test kitchen is in California while I am in Tennessee, but I guess it goes to show that for all the convenience of the modern internet age, there are some drawbacks.

Still, Magniloquence has put together some recipes that she found here and sent me pictures of the results. Here we have the Diva’s spice cookies and Peg’s shrimp and corn chowder and a birthday cake (not that we had any particular birthday cake recipe here, but I couldn’t let it pass unnoticed that Mag had had one).




16 thoughts on “Straight from the Tiny Cat Pants Test Kitchen

  1. *grins* I’d feed you, belledame, if I suspected you lived nearby. I love feeding people!*offers you all dinner*

  2. I will be sure to tell my grandmother you liked (looking at) it. It’s a lovely red velvet cake with almonds, as I don’t like most nuts, but will eat almonds.(Of course, it’s a bit of a shame, as, well, I don’t particularly like cake… but hey, what’s a birthday without it?)

  3. Ha! I live near LA, so I’m about 3000 miles away. The boyfriend is a New Yorker, but the food is quite stuck in my fridge, I’m afraid. The only solution is for there to be a Tiny Cat Pants and Friends convention on this coast. ;)And thank you for the birthday wishes! I am now an even number of years old.

  4. Ha! "Near LA" is Pasadena, though I work in LA proper. *grins*And John, the chowder was spectacular! I am having some for lunch today. I can’t imagine what it’d be like if I’d actually had all the ingredients. *thanks Pegg profusely for sharing, again, some more*

  5. Cool. :-) How’d the cookies turn out for you? I made them over Christmas and they turned out strangely different from every other time I’d made them… still tasted delicious but looked way different. Ahh, the vagaries of food.All your other pics look delightful, which can be tricky with food. Nicely done!

  6. Oh, the cookies are wonderful too. I have some in my lunch today, actually.I doubled the recipie, and as a result of all the cooking crowding the oven, I still have half the dough left in the fridge. That’s good, though… fresh cookies are always a plus!I’m thinking of trying them with candied ginger next time, as I am a sucker for ginger cookies of all sorts, and the molasses cookies seem like they would be *such* a great base.

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