The Good, The Bad, The Somewhere-in-Between

The Good

–I found my Christmas money out on the kitchen table.

Magniloquence has a blog!  And you should read it.

The Bad

–After work, a concerned co-worker told me she thought I might benefit from anti-depressants.

The Somewhere-in-Between

–I have no marketable skills.

–I suspect I’ve sucked at every job I’ve ever had.

–I have nothing I’d want to do all day except blog and, as far as I can tell, there’s not a big market for my mad blogging skills.

–I have suspected for a while that I suck at my current job.  I now suspect that my boss thinks I suck at my job.  You’d think the fact that we’re both in agreement would ease my soul some, but really, it makes me angry and afraid.

–I have half a mind to sit on the couch and cry all evening, but if I do that, who will go get groceries?

Oh, brave internets, ease my soul.  Tell me something that will make me laugh and forget my cares.