Gosh, I Wish I Had the Internet at My House

I love nothing more than paying BellSouth for DSL only to have it work as well as me standing in my shower shouting and calling that being in contact with the outside world.

Whoever has the wireless network “Lemmings in Leiderhosen,” I swear, I don’t want to steal from you, all perched on the edge of my bed trying very hard to get and maintain a strong signal from you, but your network, as spotty as it is, is more reliable than the cord plugged into the back of my computer.

Anyway, the Professor took me bra shopping and today my folks are coming back through on their way home from the recalcitrant brother’s, so hopefully I can entice them into going to Target with me.

My first order of business is to start sleeping better.  I think I may have inadvertently hit on the solution to that yesterday.  We didn’t have any Diet Dr. Pepper in the house and so I didn’t have one in the morning and yesterday morning was the first time in a week I wasn’t falling asleep sitting up before lunch.  I had one at lunch, which was okay, and a Diet Coke with dinner.  By seven, I felt like I could sleep if I just nestled into the couch a little, but I wasn’t nodding off.

I’m not going to do anything ridiculous like completely stopping the use of caffeine completely.  I mean, good god, a girl’s got to function in this world.  But last night was one of the most restful sleeps I’ve had since I got sick back in November, so I’m willing to reduce my intake if it means being up all day and sleeping all night.

 Then I’m going to do some dishes and fold some laundry and hopefully, by then, the parents will be here.

Not to change the subject completely, but I’m concerned about how long I’m going to be able to maintain this connection and I just want to get everything out there while I can.

As fall-out from the whole “Transpeople want to rape you in the bathroom” episode, some folks have stopped blogging.  I just want to say to that, it doesn’t work.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, if you make people uncomfortable, you make a lousy hostage.  As much as they might bother to make some mention of how sad it is that you’re gone and how they certainly didn’t mean to scare you off, they kind of did want your silence, your acquiescence.  And because of that, at the end of the day, your absence lets them off the hook.

I’m sorry to bring up Sean Combs again, because the more I see of him on my TV the more I think he’s somehow part nit-wit, part genius and the nit-wit is winning, but “I ain’t nobody’s hero, but I want to be heard” is, I think, the defining sentiment of the internet age.  Does anything sum up so succinctly what we’re doing here?

It’s true that Combs goes on to say that he wants to be heard on Hot 97 and that he wants to make shit-tons of money; so it’s true that he immediately undermines the most political thing he’s ever said in his life; but it’s still true that he’s saying something profound in spite of the rest of the song.

You don’t have to be the hero, you just have to be heard.

It’s not my business, but I wish you’d reconsider. 

5 thoughts on “Gosh, I Wish I Had the Internet at My House

  1. Hey, I haven’t quit blogging due to the "Transpeople will rape you in the bathroom" and I understand the good bra thing as I just bought three.Losing 85 lbs means that the boobage ain’t too attractive right now.Well, at least I think I’m cute, even though the world, not so much.As for the blogging, I set up a new site on wordpress because Blogger Bites.Oh, how I will miss it though.The outages, the eating of posts and all the other stuff.Aunt B., Happy New Year to you because you make my life brighter. 2007 is our year. I expect no less because we deserve it and dammit it’s what I want.Many hugs and I’ve been on a kissing thing lately, so you are on the list (but if you say no, I’ll rethink and respect your decision.)I’m up in Feb. Maybe we can all go play because playing is good for this 41 year old woman and I don’t get to play enough.

  2. Hey B, have you got a Westell modem? You probably do. I just set up my own network, and my previously stellar DSL went to shit. I have my own personal geek, a guy who works at Vandy in the IT dept, and he was stumped for days. Then, after much research, he figured out that you need to do something or other to "bridge to" the internet, and this is done through the modem provided by Bellsouth. If you don’t use a wireless network, never mind.I don’t understand why someone would quit blogging over comments made on their blog or somewhere else. How does what someone else has to say diminish what YOU have to say? Anyway, I want to wish you a happy New Year, I hope it finds you in the company of friends and family.

  3. Ok, I tried, but I’ll never catch up with all you wrote over the past week or so. I’m sure it’s all brilliant and witty and remarkable but I’ll just have to accept the fact that I missed out on some good stuff.Happy New Year!

  4. > Whoever has the wireless network "Lemmings in Leiderhosen," I swear, I don’t want to steal from youAunt B., some of us deliberately leave our wireless networks unencrypted so that others can hop-on. Let’s face it, who can use a full 3Mbps 24/7? You can’t be sure that this is the case with your neighbor, but it is a real possibility.BTW, if you are going to do this long-term, and want a better WiFi signal strength, you might look into a directional antenna, or free make-it-yourself directional reflector like Windsurfer.

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