“…and to the Republic for which it stands…”

Ah, friends and relatives, imagine a country in which we fought as hard for people to accept that we live in a republic as we do for them to accept that it’s "under God."

Anyway, today Massachusetts voted the second of three necessary times to ban gay marriages.  They’d respect the ones that exist, but ban any new ones.  At Pandagon, Pam Spaulding reports that even Democratic legislators were glad they voted on the issue.  The fact that anyone could be glad that recognizing civil rights for various groups of people continues to be up for a vote shows that we need to fire a great many high school Civics teachers, as they have clearly failed to educated our students.

I mention this in passing only because today over to Brownfemipower’s blog, she’s passed along a story about some scientists who are working to develop some kind of hormone therapy to "cure" gay rams.  There’s good discussion in the comments about whether the implication in the original story–that this might be foundational work to "cure" gay people or to even allow gayness to be eradicated in the womb–is from the researchers or just from hateful bigots or what.

And a couple of the commenters seem to be all, "Oh, no worries."

But how is it that gay people are not supposed to worry when the few rights they’ve been able to secure are being constantly threatened by folks who have no better reason than "Because it grosses me and God out."?

Yes, I suspect that the worry about "curing" gay sheep borders a touch on paranoia, but who’s to say how close the line between paranoia and reason in this case is?

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  1. I don’t have much to add to this, Aunt B., except to point out that most of the people who are ‘grossed out’ (including on behalf of ‘God’) by gayness– to the point of trying to legislatively curtail gay rights– have little to no problem with state-sponsored mass murder (sometimes known as war).

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