My Day–Let’s Look at the Numbers

Number of awesome people I had lunch with–2

Number of hot chocolates I treated myself to at Starbucks–1

Number of times I felt myself nodding off at my desk–0

Number of times I yawned*–3

Number of Diet Dr. Peppers I consumed today–0

Number of caffeinated beverages I consumed today–1


* I cannot remember the last time I yawned and when I did it today, I was surprised, like the return of an old unexpected friend, thus lending more credence to my theory that I’d been consuming so much caffeine that my default settings had become “awake” or “asleep” and I’d managed to completely do away with anything ranging from “mellow” to “yawn/stretch” to “vegging on the couch without taking a nap.”

3 thoughts on “My Day–Let’s Look at the Numbers

  1. Caffiene- it sucks. I usually don’t drink much caffiene, but I usually have a week long fast from it around my period. My mom and brother drink like two cups of coffee a day. Heck, my brother can even drink starbucks coffee. But yea, I have an extreme caffiene sensitivity.

  2. Yay! There are other people in the world with the same kind of over-sensitivity that I have to caffiene. It’s such a lovely feeling to know that I’m not a freak because someone else has the same problem!!

  3. I developed my aversion late in life and I am so glad I did! You’re going to be amazed at the changes your body will go through off that crack! Congrats!

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