Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

Brittney tagged me and so I’m going to try to come up with five things I haven’t already confessed to you here.

1. I have an irrational fear of getting stickers in my mouth, especially price tags. I almost can’t type that, it bothers me so much.

2. When I lived with the graduate school roommate who was not Dr. J., I often wanted to beat the shit out of her. She’d get this look on her face and I’d just feel this kind of primal rage and desire to knock her down until she stayed down. It scared the shit out of me, that feeling, but shoot, it was there, the desire to just smash her face in.

3. When I was in second grade, all the kids on the playground would have these fake marriages and my friend Krista was married to Eric, who sat in front of me. On the day of their divorce, he asked me to marry him and I told him no, because he’d just be with me to ease his heartache and not because he really liked me. I often think that my whole life would be dramatically different if I’d told him yes.

4. I don’t think “Betsy” is my real name.

5. I have a birthmark on my cooter.

Or maybe it’s a mole or a large freckle.  Can anyone explain in simple terms the differences between a freckle, a mole, and a brown birthmark?

9 thoughts on “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Interesting things to know…the thought of getting stickers stuck in my mouth has never occurred to me. Back before I had ever kissed a guy, I was terrified that one might barf in my mouth. UGH!

  2. How does one come not to know one’s real name? What does it say on your Social Security card?

  3. If it’s small-ish and round-ish, it’s a "beauty mark" unless it’s caused by sun, in which case it’s a freckle.

  4. YT, I don’t know, but I’ve had a fear about it since I was a little girl.Burbank Fox, "Betsy" is my legal name. I’ve just never felt like it set quite right with my soul. Is that weird? It just doesn’t feel like the name my soul would answer to, though I don’t know what name would get my soul’s attention.It’s a weird belief. That’s why I’ve never said anything. I’ve sometimes wondered if my mom called me something before I was born and that I heard it and that it stuck with me. My uncle B. always claimed he could remember being born, even though, supposedly, that’s not possible.

  5. this is weird way to try to correct one’s self makes sound drunker than am, anywayhey, iame ag, O tof ay -berryforode of dipping into the Wild Turkey and nontopical but I can’t find anywhere else to put this – I am not a repugnican, but how come I want to whip the shit out of Nancy Pelosi with a Greyhound bus?

  6. For some reason I think Betsy is a much finer name than my legal name of Tracy (which I’ve commented before at 41 years old, it sounds like a cheerleader name.) Betsy has a sort of Donna Reed/Fifties flair to it (I can see Rosemary Clooney named this in a movie.).

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