The Butcher–Good for What Ails Ya!

(Before I get started, can I just say that I think it’s hilarious when the dog farts so loud that it startles her and she jumps up and has to walk over to me, like there’s something I can do about it?  Oh, yes, Mrs. Wigglebottom, I’ll just wave my hands three times and magically fix your stinky loud ass!  Ha, now she’s totally giving me a dirty look.  Mrs. Wigglebottom is kind of saucy this morning.)

1.  The Butcher should totally be a career counselor.  He’s just got a wise, thoughtful way about him and you can sit in the brown chair (like the redheaded kid) and complain and get wise counsel from the Butcher or you can lay on the end of his bed and ask for advice and even though he went to bed about four hours before, he will listen to you and then crack a joke and then say incredibly reasonable things you’ve not thought of.

2.  My Aunt B. sent me a small desk fountain that looks just like a big fountain in our neighborhood.  I’m so hoping I can talk the Butcher into helping me take a photograph of the small fountain next to the big fountain.  How hilarious would that be?

3.  Also, I’m going to try to remember to ask him, for NM’s father-in-law, if there are any good fish restaurants in town.

9 thoughts on “The Butcher–Good for What Ails Ya!

  1. NM, the Butcher wonders if y’all have tried the New Orleans Manor House out by the airport. He hasn’t but he’s heard good things. I forgot, but we also like (though it isn’t classy, by any stretch of the imagination) that seafood place out on Nolensville.

  2. No, I don’t think he’s tried the Manor House. Which Nolensville Rd. place do you mean? La Hacienda’s seafood place? We’ve taken him there a couple of times. But it doesn’t count, because it’s Mexican food, not fish. I’m not completely sure that the Manor House or Bro’s qualify, either, because I believe they’re Louisiana food, not fish. (You understand that these are not my personal categories.) I’ve looked around some on these-here intertubes, and I think the Bonefish Grill out in Cool Springs is more along the lines of what he really had in mind. Sigh…

  3. Ha, if it’s out at Cool Springs, it can’t be that far removed from Red Lobster. I wish I could remember the Nolensville Road place’s name. If you’re headed out of town on Nolensville, it’s on the left just past the zoo in what looks like it might have been an old Hardee’s. This place is truly seafood, and delicious, but not classy.

  4. Well, if you can think of the name, for heaven’s sake let me know. My mental picture of Nolensville Rd. isn’t firm enough for your description to help me unless I’m actually driving by there. It sounds like it might be the very solution, though. Of course, after my husband and I had both spent hours trying to find just the right restaurant for him yesterday, my f-i-l dealt with his craving by going to Kroger and buying some salmon, but I’m sure it will come up again.And I forgot to say that you are lucky to have a brother like the Butcher, and extra-lucky to have him right there.

  5. All right! I found it. It’s the Florida Seafood Kitchen and it’s in the shopping area directly across Nolensville from the Zoo. If the zoo is on your right, this place will be up on your left.I am lucky to have the Butcher around. I hope he knows that.

  6. Oh, that Florida Seafood Kitchen sounds like exactly what the f-i-l was looking for. Thank you! Next time we’ll know.

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