Three Ways Young Men Are Getting Screwed Over

1.  The “surge.”  So, we send in more troops to do what?  Hold off the civil war we should have seen coming another couple of years until the politicians can best utilize all the footage of returning soldiers?  Can anyone explain to me what we’re now supposed to be attempting to do in Iraq?  And is it worth putting our folks in harm’s way?

2.  Unpaid college athletes.  King Kauffman says it better than me.  If there’s money to pay coaches millions of dollars, there’s money to pay the athletes on whose back everyone else is making money.  Talk about immoral. 

3.  You deal drugs, you go to jail.  You use drugs, you go to jail or to rehab or you lose your job.  They deal drugs, they continue to be the attending physician to Congress.  They use drugs, they get to be Supreme Court Chief Justice.  Again, talk about immoral.

3 thoughts on “Three Ways Young Men Are Getting Screwed Over

  1. I’m all for paying the players, after they graduate. With real majors. Otherwise, pay them as representatives of the school but keep them out of the classroom, and don’t pretend that they’re students.

  2. I think the solution is to pay them as employees of the university, who can, if they like, take classes and work towards a degree as a perk. Those that didn’t want to wouldn’t have to, but those who did, could.

  3. and don’t forget, this "war" is being run by a guy who even tried to get out of the National Guard

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