The Mind Wanders Where It Will

Plimco has suggested something to me–I’m not going to mention right now what it is for fear of jinxing myself and thus not being able to complete it–but it is awesome and I am excited, which means that all I can do is mull it over.  I try to work, but the brain wanders right back to this thing.  I try to blog, same thing.  I tried to eat lunch, nope, no good.

Now, I’m trying to figure out how I can kick the Butcher out of the house for the evening in order to have dedicated time to this.

See, even when I’m not thinking about it, I’m contemplating how to find time to think about it. 

Circle People and Square People

Shauna’s got a picture up in this post that hit me so hard with nostalgia I almost emailed her and asked her how much she was charging for framed prints.  It’s of two circle people watching TV.

God, I loved the circle people.  I especially loved the circle people farm with the door that would say “moo” when you opened it and the circle people cows… I really loved them.

I can remember once playing with my circle people in the dining room, having an elaborate adventure complete with jumping off the chairs and living on cliffs and as the afternoon progressed, blonde circle mom died.  You guys, I was inconsolable.  I cried so hard over the death of blonde circle mom.

That was the first time I got any inkling over the power of stories, that I could tell myself a story that would make me cry.  Wow.

Anyway, we had two kinds of circle people–the older wooden circle people and the newer plastic ones.  But we also had square people.  Do you guys remember them?

The square people had much more awesome sets.  We had a square person McDonalds and a square person Holiday Inn.  I think we may have had a circle person campground, but what ended up happening is that the square people were the service industry people (because they came with uniforms that matched their set) and the circle people ended up living lives of luxury.  Well, except that sadly, it was very difficult for them to lay down without rolling away.

That may have been my first inadvertent exposure to threesomes as well, because the only way to keep a circle person in bed was to put a square person on either side of her.

Anyway, Shauna, I think there may be good money to be made in taking portraits of circle people and selling them to folks like me, just saying.  And I know that the circle people were Fisher Price.  Does anyone remember the square people and, in that case, who made them?