Circle People and Square People

Shauna’s got a picture up in this post that hit me so hard with nostalgia I almost emailed her and asked her how much she was charging for framed prints.  It’s of two circle people watching TV.

God, I loved the circle people.  I especially loved the circle people farm with the door that would say “moo” when you opened it and the circle people cows… I really loved them.

I can remember once playing with my circle people in the dining room, having an elaborate adventure complete with jumping off the chairs and living on cliffs and as the afternoon progressed, blonde circle mom died.  You guys, I was inconsolable.  I cried so hard over the death of blonde circle mom.

That was the first time I got any inkling over the power of stories, that I could tell myself a story that would make me cry.  Wow.

Anyway, we had two kinds of circle people–the older wooden circle people and the newer plastic ones.  But we also had square people.  Do you guys remember them?

The square people had much more awesome sets.  We had a square person McDonalds and a square person Holiday Inn.  I think we may have had a circle person campground, but what ended up happening is that the square people were the service industry people (because they came with uniforms that matched their set) and the circle people ended up living lives of luxury.  Well, except that sadly, it was very difficult for them to lay down without rolling away.

That may have been my first inadvertent exposure to threesomes as well, because the only way to keep a circle person in bed was to put a square person on either side of her.

Anyway, Shauna, I think there may be good money to be made in taking portraits of circle people and selling them to folks like me, just saying.  And I know that the circle people were Fisher Price.  Does anyone remember the square people and, in that case, who made them?

15 thoughts on “Circle People and Square People

  1. I was big into the Fisher Price people myself. At my friend Melanie’s house, we called it playing "Town", but, really, I never thought it as "Town." I had this great dollhouse that I played incessantly with my FP people, however, we never had a death. I had that very Sesame Street house that Pea’s people are in. The sad thing to me is that now the Fisher Price school and stuff is made out of crap. My FP school had a little chalk board on it and portraits of Lincoln and Washington in them…a real bell.

  2. The circle people were made by Fisher Price. I LOVED them. I think Playschool made the square people. My sisters and I had the Holiday Inn and the McDonald’s too!! We loved how you could shoot the trays out through the little slot of the McDonald’s and the revolving door on the Holiday Inn. Good times.

  3. It’s the Playskool ones! That’s them. That’s the square people! Bless you all. That was going to be bothering me all day.Kat, I think squarespace is case sensitive, so you have to use lowercase, and that should make the HTML work. It’s stupid, but that’s the trick.

  4. Have you seen the album artwork for the Sunny Day Real Estate album "Diary" before? The booklet has several paintings of circle people in somewhat depressing domestic environments. It’s some of my favorite album artwork, actually.

  5. The circle people were the original Little People by Fisher Price. Now Little People are fatter, rounder, and larger (probably because children could swallow the smaller people). They’re still cute, but they’re just not the same. I never had the square people, because my mom was absolutely in love with the Little People and she bought me nearly every set they ever made. My favorite thing was the Little People airplane. That was so awesome.

  6. oh! I thought those were playmobil people! Doy.Those were fun too, I had those and evidently get them mixed up with playmobils.

  7. Our wedding cake (well, cupcake, if you wanna split hairs) toppers were made out of Fisher Price people. They are dead cute, but it is very hard to get all the icing out of their holes.That sounds way more dirty than I meant it to.

  8. OK, total and complete tangent, but what about Weebles? "Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down." I remember cowboy Weebles complete with ranch house, and haunted house Weebles with a glow-in-the-dark ghost, and I know there were tons more too. They used to be shaped like little eggs, but I believe the toy-making gods have screwed with them too?

  9. You know, Sarcastro and I were talking about this yesterday, somewhat tangentially, about how we used to do all kinds of things–ride in the backs of pick-up trucks, play with Weebles and other small figures, not use car seats–that were apparently killing us off in such large numbers that we can no longer do those things.Now, I don’t mean to belittle child death, but I’d love to know if there are significantly fewer child deaths now than there were in the 70s such to the extent that we really are better off without a glow-in-the-dark glowing Weeble?Tammy, I kind of think that it sounds appropriately dirty for a wedding cake. Shoot. If I ever get married, I’d be tempted to do that, just for the fun of licking the frosting out of the holes. Sounds like a good way to start a life together.

  10. Kristin, I too was thinking about weeble woobles. I LOVED those. But those I think they’ve actually improved a bit. They are larger, always better. And, instead of being solid eggs, such that it appeared as though the beings were living inside a shape sort of, or were two-dimensional but wrapped around an egg, they are now more shapely above the wooble part. I liked circle people too, very much. In fact, the square people were always just a little too square for me. Maybe I would have liked them more if I’d thought about using them to hold the circle people in bed. Their falling out always frustrated me. Yet, I never liked mixing up different people in different towns. That’s funny to think about today, considering my social and political views.

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