Into a Corner

I’ve gotten myself into a corner with this Plimco thing and I’ve got no idea how to get out.  Everybody is well-meaning and everyone is doing what it seems like they inevitably must and I am stuck.  I think that means someone isn’t being forthright about what she wants and I’m just not seeing it.

Plus, I think I’ve decided that “Lovesick Blues” is indeed the quintessential American song.  But I could be unconvinced. 

16 thoughts on “Into a Corner

  1. Wait, am I going to have to start taking notes on reappearances of Hank I? Is he going to explain how Jimmie Rodgers got to be the Father of Country Music? This blog is really enriching my experience.

  2. I’m glad to hear that NM. It would be something if I could produce Hank, Sr. I mean, make him appear. I guess anyone with a mixing board in town could produce Hank, Sr.

  3. Well, I’m bored. But I have a headache, which means that I don’t want to get into a discussion of anything serious, like feminism or the blogosphere.Say, it just occured to me: do you think it’s the blogosphere that gets stuck in the tubes and slows Senator Stevens’s e-mail down?

  4. I thought maybe you had obtained some secret, unknown til now, porn film starring Hank, Sr. and you were going to show us.Although I must admit…nothing about watching a rather skinny man get it on appeals to me. Might have to do with….oh, never mind.

  5. Exador has a bad back. Perhaps he could demonstrate for the curious and I could post the clip here for us all to take a look at and decide whether it’s interesting or not… You know, just for the sake of science.

  6. Unfortunately for all of us, I do not. Or maybe that’s fortunate. For those not in the know, legend has it that those two guys are/were hung like hosses.

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