Things that Make Me Happy

This awesome sandwich I got from Panera.

Broccoli cheese soup.

Sleep.  Last night, I slept through the whole night.  No, I shit you not.  The whole night.  Got into bed at one end and got out of bed at the other.  Like normal people.

Penis talk.  I have half a mind to change the name of the blog to Tiny Cat Penises.  But I won’t.  Still, I’ve had a riot these past couple of days, especially with all the size gossip from Smiff.  Tee hee.  Shoot, I hope this kind of shit doesn’t get me kicked out of feminism.

I did some research for my circumcision post and I must say that, in the future, I’m going to be scrutinizing the penises in my life much more closely.  Who even knew that types of circumcisions had nicknames, like the “High and tight”?  I have lead a sheltered life, much to my distress. 


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