Oh, sure, Smiff, as if I didn’t feel bad enough about being a nerdy good girl who was raised in a hermetically sealed tube that traveled only between the parsonage, the church, and school, now I find I’m only $230 worth of bad?

Anyway, I also wasn’t sure if I calculated right.  I went over to Blogarita’s and used her list as the list for fines and just charged myself for having done it, not per incident, right?  Because, I think, if I charged myself per incident I could break… say… $250.

What I’m really curious about is who, between Sarcastro, Exador, and Knuck, would come closest to topping out the fines?  I’m betting on Exador only because I think Sarcastro and Knuck are too old for the MySpace fine. (I tease!)