Rigid Vs. Strong

I was thinking about this on my walk yesterday with Mrs. Wigglebottom, mulling it over after a rather grueling day at work on Friday, and I wonder if there’s some distinction between rigid and strong that I don’t make very well.

Here’s how I work, in general, “No, I’m not going to do that.  No, because I won’t like it. No.  God damn it.  Fine.  Oh, hey, you have to try this awesome thing I do all the time.”  Or, “I will make the right decision.  I will weigh all the factors and mull over everything and come to the correct conclusion, even if it takes me all year.  Even if it holds everything else up.  Even if there might be some easier way or outside help to be had.”

See, I’m rigid.

I think I’ve gotten better about it, but I think I’ve gotten better about it in part because I’ve become more confident and stronger.  I haven’t had to rely on rigidness to the same extent, because I’ve been strong instead.

But what I need to do is to learn to become supple.  And that’s hard for me, I think, because I’m not clear on the ways I’m being rigid instead of strong and decisive.

I don’t know.  Probably this doesn’t make any sense.  I’m trying to articulate something I only have a loose grasp of. 

Anyway, I also wanted to say that, it took me a few days, but I’ve decided that the last picture of my second boob freckle is actually kind of hot.  Hmm.  

 That tickles me.

One thought on “Rigid Vs. Strong

  1. That’s not you. We all of us tend to fall back on rigidity, that is, on some rule, when we’re in doubt. confidence helps. But it’s a feminist issue, too. Because females are always questioned, because our choices are always in doubt, I think we’re much more comfortable with decisions that can be backed up by some sort of appeal to authority. Our own opinions are not enough. Guys are rarely accused of rigidity, unless they’re acting all girly in some way.

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