Bell South

a poem

You are plugged into the back of my computer.

There is no excuse for your shitty service.

The internet is not something that blinks on and off at random like disgruntled Christmas lights,

And yet, if one were to take her experience with your service

As evidence,

She would assume that to be the case.

Where, pray tell, does the internet go?

And what magical effort on your part brings it back?

I hate you.

But I’m delayed in telling you because,

Yet again, I’m mysteriously unconnected to the internet.

I hope this AT&T merger solves this nonsense.

6 thoughts on “Bell South

  1. Are you on DSL? And if so, have you had your modem a while? ‘Cos it kind of sounds like the same thing I went thru with them. My connection kept repeatedly dropping, and I argued with the Tech Support guys on the phone for months that I thought I needed a new DSL modem. After two months of that, they insisted on sending a guy out because "it might be the line".He was here 10 seconds and said "Call them and tell them to send you a new modem." I did and voila. I eventually got the gateway from them instead because the new modem wouldn’t work with my Linksys router and I have to have the router capabilities for work, but everything’s been fine since. This was about a year and a half ago.My old modem was REALLY old though – probably from around 2001 or 2002 – but the tech guy that came out said their DSL modems do eventually grow incompatible with the system. Unless you haven’t had yours very long, that’d be my first guess, that your DSL modem’s grown incompatible. (And if you’re dialup, disregard all of the above….)

  2. I use Comcast digital at home and BellSouth DSL at the office. I’ve almost never had trouble with the Comcast hookup. Sista, do you think the Comcast trouble you have is maybe local to your neighborhood? Because ours has been down maybe twice a year, on average. But the DSL at the office is down at least once a month, for a few minutes or up to a couple of hours. I HATE BellSouth DSL.

  3. Like nm, I rarely have trouble with Comcast.About six months ago we started to get these pink envelopes addressed to my husband in a flowing, feminine handwriting, postmarked from Atlanta. I was really ticked off, and started imagining the worst–he’d met another woman who was sending him cards. I threw away the first and the second, then finally tore open the third. Federal Offense be damned. There was a beautiful greeting card that said "Someone wants you back". I knew it. He’d had an affair–which he’d hidden from me SO well–and now she wanted him back. Then I opened the card. "Come back to BellSouth for just $49.99 per month."Anyway, I hate those bastards.

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