People Who Come to Work Sick

If you are sick, stay home.  No one admires your perseverance, working even though you feel terrible.

And I would rather not have your sore throat.

9 thoughts on “People Who Come to Work Sick

  1. Ha. That is how I got the bronchitis from hell last fall. The person I got it from still has that bronchitis cough and wheeze. Which reminds me, I think I need some more antibacterial hand gel for my desk…

  2. Thing is, the real lecture needs to be directed at managers. If an employee calls in sick with a sore throat that might be something else that might be contagious, he or she would quickly land on most managers’ shitlists. And it’s a vicious cycle, because some of us seem to pick up every cold or flu bug that makes the rounds, and we simply can’t stay home every time we get sick. Which, of course, would be less frequent if everyone else stayed home when they got sick. But it goes back to management: too often I’ve seen managers essentially praising an employee who is sick but working anyway. It’s the responsibility of a company’s management to make sure employees know to stay home or go home when they’re sick.

  3. I hear and obey. Even before you say it. I stayed home an extra day this week just to make sure I wasn’t contagious anymore.

  4. This annoying chick came to class yesterday even though she had pneumonia and left to go to the er in the middle of class. Go home and sleep people.

  5. It would also be nice if they didn’t insist on a doctor’s excuse for a cold. It really pissed me off in the restaurant industry where there was no insurance and you were more likely to infect other people.

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