Why, Yes, Representative Campfield, I HAVE Been a Naughty Girl!

So, I was doing what I’m sure all hippy liberal girls do on their sick days, sitting around reading Representative Campfield’s blog and enjoying some girl-time.

I can’t help it, really.  He’s an attractive man in that uptight Republican way and my favorite thing to do is to just tilt back in my chair, prop my feet up on the computer table, keep on hand on the mouse and let the other hand slide south, while I read his blog.

God, when he starts talking about "immediate impact" and "harsh yelling and cussing back and forth" and I start to feel flush.

"Republicans don’t have to hold their tongue and just take it now because what the Democrats have done to Republicans in the past can now be returned in the senate."  Oh, yes, Stacey, show me what those bad Democrats did to you in the past.  Go ahead, return it right in the senate.  And no, by god, don’t hold your tongue.

"I don’t think Democrats quite know what to do. They don’t want to share. They don’t really have control as they have in the past so the threat of repercussion is diminished and the old trick of attack, yell and intimidate doesn’t work as well as it used to. "

Teach me some new tricks, Stacey.  Please, teach me some new tricks!  Crack my code!  Put me in my place.  Make me sorry I ever voted Democrat.

Oh, god, yes!  Oh, god, yes!  Yes, right like that.  There you go.  Come on, Rep, harder!  Harder!




Well, I don’t have to spell it out for you guys.  I’m sure you know how it goes.  Nothing, and I mean nothing gets me off like Stacey Campfield’s blog.

It’s better than any porno, which is a good thing, because I can read and "enjoy" Stacey’s blog for free, and he’s going to start charging me taxes out the wazoo on all other fun stuff. 

Hmm.  Maybe he just doesn’t like the competition.

8 thoughts on “Why, Yes, Representative Campfield, I HAVE Been a Naughty Girl!

  1. I can’t help it. Campfield cracks me up. I mean, he’s going to tax something people can get for free on the internet? It just tickles me.

  2. To show how tuned in I am on political matters, I did not know until this morning when Stacey was on the line with Heather Orne that he was a boy. He has a nice voice.

  3. I tease, but he really is cute for an uptight prude.Not that I should talk, now that you all know how small my fine is.

  4. First Joe Scarborough, now Campfield. You have this thing for conservatives, don’t you? You probably want to rescue them from their lives of depravity or something.

  5. Oh, my god! I think you’re right. How more "bad boy" can you get than these conservative jackasses? I am totally looking for a right-winger to save.Ha, that cracks me up!

  6. Well, I would tell you not to go focussing on Kleinheider, but that would probably just make you run after him all the more….

  7. No, bless his heart, in real life, Kleinheider is a little too bashful and shy for my taste. I like blatant assholary.

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