Super Genius, The Dress Arrived

I’ve always been fortunate that the weddings I’ve been in have not required me to wear butt-ugly dresses. Happily, the Super Genius’s is not exception.

Super Genius, here’s the dress.


As you can see, it’s a little long, but it does work well with regular underwear, as promised.

I’m tickled by it.

If I could, I would wear flouncy long dresses every day.

You know, maybe I should. After all, you just use them once and they sit in your closet. Why shouldn’t I wear them to work?

That would be so awesome.

At the least, I’m going to start wearing them to blogger meet-ups.

4 thoughts on “Super Genius, The Dress Arrived

  1. You look really awesome! I’m glad you like it – and that your cat likes the box. You could wear it to work and get there early and to the next person that comes in be like, "Didn’t you get the email? Today is formal day! Oh, don’t be sad. You can borrow my feather boa to dress up."

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