A Sonnet in Honor of Lynnster

Of course I miss Magniloquence.  She can’t

comment, which makes me sad and makes the talk

around here more dull, almost like a trance

overtakes us, so we mull Peter Faulk

Instead of fighting about important

things.  But that’s not all.  Let’s look to the right.

‘Really old stuff at Blogger.’  Oh why can’t

all my blogging be in one place?  I’d fight

to have just one complete Tiny Cat Pant

Instead of a pair of tiny blog legs.

A blog should be whole like the sun or your

underwear, all in one place, found by Megs*

and screamed over in outrage and terror.

Oh, Lynnster, if you do find a way to

Make my blog whole, I’ll holler “woo hoo-oo!”





*Ivy, sorry to bring your daughter into this, but I had to have something to rhyme with legs.

5 thoughts on “A Sonnet in Honor of Lynnster

  1. Oh…. this is priceless! "Tiny blog legs" (and Megs) is fabulous – but only for the purposes of this sonnet! And I am truly humbled and honored, but hopefully you won’t have to have tiny blog legs forever. Like I said, I’m determined now that’s it’s being so contrary… if it takes all year to resolve it, I am absolutely determined you will one day have Tiny Cat Pants whole and in one place no matter how long and how much effort it takes!!Keep the faith! The madder Blogger makes me, the more determined I get!! Ha!

  2. Megs is always impressed whenever anyone thinks enough to blog about her. I’ll show this to her tonight, she’ll be excited. :)

  3. If Lynnster wanted my third born child, a bucket of wings, a Starbucks special mug and meals for the rest of 2007 at the Mothership on me, she could have them for the work she has done for me moving me to WP. I’m loving the WP.

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