In Which I Instigate a Fight Between Smiley and Mack

Mack’s all talking smack about how ugly corded poodles are.

Meet Smiley’s dog:


Meet the awesome ‘do she had in her younger, wilder days (You’re going to look me in the face, young Mack, and tell me that’s not the cutest poodle you’ve ever seen? I just won’t hear of it.):


3 thoughts on “In Which I Instigate a Fight Between Smiley and Mack

  1. Like the top dog, the bottom dog just doesn’t look like a dog. This is slightly embarassing, but when I made the decision to buy a small farm, I though (briefly) about alpacas. It seemed cool to me that you could shave (shorn?) them and seel the "wool", and they were cute and seemed placid and harmless. There are two kinds of alpacas. One has normal poodle type of wool, and then there is what I call the woolly booger alpacas that I wouldn’t have on my farm for free. It be alittle like having a four legged Chris Lugo running around. Sure, it’s the same breed, and may be incredibly intelligent, but who on Earth would take it seriously? So, I will love this dog from afar, if it’s all the same to you. (Oh, I realized right quick what a scam the alpaca market is, so I got me some koi instead…)

  2. Hi Mack,They’re the same dog. Nellie was the product of a divorce where both parties ignored her for months and finally decided to just ship her to the pound rather than decide custody.So I’m not saying that the dread look is necessarily a good thing in Nellie’s case. She smelled like feces and urine when RUABelle first met her at the rescue clinic. Little did we know the sweet little dog that was hidden under all that hair. But if we’d have trimmed her up and given her some vision, she would have been a cool rasta dog too.I’ll bring her to the next Blogger Meat-up if Knuck will let her in the door.CLC

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