It’s Better than Bad! It’s Good!

If I don’t keep an eye on her, Mrs. Wigglebottom exhibits alarming libertarian tendencies.

“Why can’t I run around naked if I want? My body; my choice.”

“Why are we stopping at this traffic light? Go, damn it, I want to get to the park and traffic laws are clearly for wussies.”

“Hey, you, other dog there on the side of the road. Yeah, you! If I had a gun, I might shoot you. What do you think of that?”

“You know, when the zombie apocalypse comes, we’re going to need a source of heat. Let’s bring this log home.”

As one might imagine, after trying to carry it in her mouth half a block, she decided that breaking it up into smaller pieces might make transporting it easier.



3 thoughts on “It’s Better than Bad! It’s Good!

  1. Hmmmm… we probably best not get her and my young’ns together. There might be a revolution, and I’m not sure you and I wouldn’t get the short end of the stick on that note. They’d definitely be up for the gun threat and zombie apocalypse thing.

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