Sense and Nonsense

–Vol Abroad, I’m trying to eat breakfast here!  This made me laugh so hard I about choked on a bran flake.

–I’m sorry.  Is this "Three Year old With Camera" meaning you were able to capture these images of a present (or absent) three year old with your camera or is this "The things my three year old took pictures of with my camera"?  Because if it is the latter?  Your kid takes much better pictures than me.  I’m almost embarrassed to continue to post mine.  Almost.

–Carter, as usual, you and I are going to fight.  I have to insist you stop talking about "biblical marriage" as if that’s some monolithic agreed-upon definition.  You have a brain and you are a Christian and so I KNOW YOU KNOW BETTER.  Good lord, at least twice a week, I feel like Jiminy Cricket to your wooden boy.  Will you have to be half turned into an ass before you start listening to me?

First, the definition of what marriage is is not consistent in the Bible itself.  In the Old Testament, you have the one man, one wife model, the one man, one wife, one concubine model, the one man, multiple wives model, the one man, multiple wives, multiple concubines model, and there may be others that are slipping my mind.  It’s not until the New Testament that we see Jesus recognizing the one man, one woman model (and even then, he says nothing about it being for procreation).

Was marriage in the Old Testament just for procreation?  I don’t know.  Let’s look at God’s attitude.  Did God, who I remind you regularly stopped by to sit around and shoot the shit, ever suggest to Abram and Sarai that they weren’t really married because they didn’t have kids?  No.  And you’d think maybe He’d mention that to the central figure in three major religions, a man He visited as a friend.

Did Abram and Sarai desperately want children?  Yes, every Sunday Schooler in the land knows that.  But, if you read that story, those children were not coming.  Sarai was not capable of having children when she was young and then she got too old.  At no point before God’s miracle does God say, "Oh, ha, ha, fuckers, you don’t have a real marriage because I’m busy punishing you for the way I made you."  God recognizes a marriage that cannot, without His intervention, bring forth children as a legitimate marriage.

Who do you Christians think you are to do otherwise?  Can marriages lead to children?  Yes.  Are marriages that can’t lead to children not real?  No, they are not not real, as evidenced by God Himself recognizing them as legitimate.