Why Don’t the Ghosts of the Civil War Do My Dishes?

If the Butcher hasn’t been home all night, who ate the cookies?  Neverminding the other three mammals in my house, I know it wasn’t me, which leaves only the Ghosts of the Civil War, which leaves me with my first question.

I don’t mind if they want to hang out and use our can opener and eat our snack foods, but you’d think they could also pitch in on some of the chores.

Yes, if I had my way, naked libertarians would clean my bathroom and the Ghosts of the Civil War would do my dishes.



(Just to clarify, I’m assuming that the Butcher came home at some point, after I went to bed, ate the cookies, and went back out from which he’s yet to return.  But if it is the Ghosts of the Civil War, that would be cool.)

I Made a Bear!


Y’all, I learned something in the making of this bear. I learned that finishable tasks make me happy. I like to start out with nothing, work for a while, and have something. A job in which others start out with nothing, work for a while, pass their work off to me, and I work for a while, and we pass it off to someone else and they work for a while, and then we have something?

Not that great for me.

Anyway, I found this pattern on the internet. It was pretty simple, though the bear I ended up with looks nothing like the bear in the picture. As you’ll see if you compare the photos, my bear ended up with a bigger muzzle and is not so floppy.

Also, if you look carefully, the bear in their picture seems to have very long arms and short stubby legs.

Frankly, I don’t see how they could have gotten that look unless they flipped the bear’s arms and legs. So, if you’re going to try this at home, be aware that the “arms” are short and the “legs” are long and so if you want the opposite look, you should consider flipping them.

Also, when you do up the head, you are starting at the head and working your way to the neck. This is important to realize when you put the eyes on, otherwise, you’ll have to have the Butcher (or someone else strong) come and pop the eyes off some you can replace them when you’ve figured out your mistake.

They don’t tell you what order to put things together in, but if I were going to do it again (and I am. I have a shit ton of stuffing and another set of eyes), I’d put the arms, legs, and body together at once. Then I’d put the muzzle on the head and place my eyes then. Then I’d put the ears on (I think I ended up with much better ear placement than they did) and then sew the completed head to the completed body.

Also, count your stitches or you will end up with a bear with some kind of butt problem (as I have).

Anyway, easy enough pattern (it’s all single stitch except for four half double crochet stitches and it’s good sewing practice), goes fast enough, and cute enough bear. We’ll see how the next one turns out.