I Have Heard the End of the War

When Toby Keith is running around saying he never did support the War in Iraq and Darryl “Have You Forgotten” Worley is singing a song with the following lyrics

‘Cause I just came back
From a place where they hated me
And everything I stand for
A land where our brothers are dying for others
Who don’t even care anymore

you know the public is done with it.  Mark my words, when Darryl Worley’s song is getting played on mainstream country music stations, you’re hearing clear evidence that middle America has had it.  And if you can’t keep middle America on board, you don’t have troops and if you don’t have troops, you don’t have a war.

That Worley song is as close to a protest song about this war as I have heard on mainstream radio. 

8 thoughts on “I Have Heard the End of the War

  1. Toby Keith’s comments are consistant with the things he was saying when his "patriotic songs" were playing it big. This is not a shift for him.

  2. Not a shift? Am I the only one who remembers TK doctoring up a photo of Natalie Maines meeting with Saddam Hussein and flashing it up on his backscreen during his 2003 tour? He smeared her every night for holding an opinion he was apparently too chickenshit to voice. He happily raked in the cash with his Rambo-in-a-hat-too-small-for-his-big-ol-meaty-head-and-a-boot-to-your-ass stuff. Now the political tide has turned and he’s eager to make some more money some other way. I think he should shut up and sing.

  3. Maybe he was just voicing his opposition to the war very quietly. You know, all gentlemanly like.SBK, go on. You can tell us if that "k" stands for Keith. Nobody here will fault a person for standing by kin, that’s for sure.

  4. Mr Keith has always been against the IRAQ war. THe angry American was about 9/11 and Afghanistan.We Freepers crucified him at the beiginning of the Iraq war when he said he was a Democrat and thought the invasion was a bad idea.Thought I’d give y’all a view from across the river. Sometimes we let our preconceived notions determine what we see.

  5. Mr. Bartfast, I will conceed to you all your points but one. It was not my preconceived notion that determined me seeing his Natalie Maines/Saddam Hussein poster. That was all Keith’s dumbass idea.

  6. It’s a travesty– but no less telling– that we should look to radio programmers to find "clear evidence that Middle America has had it."

  7. You guys are all dumb. This song is about how america has turned against our soldiers and he cant believe it. he is completely supporting the war in this song. this is also showed through his line of " I hope you cherish this sweet way of lifeAnd I hope you know that it comes with a price".

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