An Update–The Cross Your Fingers Edition

As you may recall, I wrote a play and submitted it to a festival out East.  I just heard from Plimco and they don’t hate it and so haven’t rejected it outright.  I guess it’s quite different than the other plays they’re considering and so they want to hear it out loud (so do I!) and then they’ll have to decide if it “meshes” with other plays in a way that would make an evening of theater-going.

So, citizens of Earth, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me.

11 thoughts on “An Update–The Cross Your Fingers Edition

  1. Holy shit. This is a can of worms. That’s what this is. Let’s play hypothetical…Meshing happens.Your play is produced.I get cast.Your readers come to opening night.Your readers see me perform in your play.That’s just…weird.

  2. Y’all! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They haven’t even accepted it. We’re just over the first hurdle of them not laughing and throwing it on the floor to be swept out with the garbage. But it would be cool if you came.Okay, no unbridled optimism. Only stern Midwestern stern-ness.

  3. I hope that it works out for you. By out East, do you mean New York? I’ve started writing plays as well, though. Maybe you could give me a few pointers.

  4. If it’s as good as the ending of ‘Faith/Doubt’, the ‘judges’ would be nimrods not to strongly consider your play. You have the way with da woids..

  5. O, Aunt B! O, Lovely Aunt B! Is this the very play we turned over in my office the day I read to you? Kudos, Aunt B, for getting off the pot.

  6. No, this is a short little play about a country singer who’s just hit it big, who’s struggling with whether to come out.I don’t know if it’s quite right for their festival, but I had fun writing it and they didn’t outright hate it, so that feels good.

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