Armed America

Exador sent me this link to a photographer who’s working on a project, taking pictures of people with their guns.  I’m highly suspicious, just based on stories I’ve heard, that the dude second from the left on the bottom row is the Legal Eagle’s dad.

 What a cool idea, though.  I’d love to see photos of Exador, Sarcastro, Mack, Say Uncle, and such with their guns looking all “I dare you to trample my second amendment rights.”  That would be good fun.

As a side note, I wonder if I can crochet a little gun holster for the LiBEARterian, maybe with a place for him to put his dollars for the strippers… I’m going to have to give that some thought.

5 thoughts on “Armed America

  1. I could give a shit about the second amendment. Like I said on my blog, I have some fine power tools, too, i just don’t talk about them much.I’ll always love what presidential candidate Wesley Clark said about guns…"you want a machine gun? Join the Army, we got millions of them."

  2. Sorry, Betsy, i tried to correct something and was a little slow to pull the trigger, so to speak, hence the multiple posts. Shoot me.

  3. I deleted the first one for you. Okay, fine Mr. "I Don’t Love the Constitution," you can have your picture taken looking all stern and resentful of your right to bear arms.It makes no difference to me.

  4. Interesting take, Betsy. It’s not that i don’t love the entire Constitution, it’s that i don’t really think the Second Amendment is so important. I realize that other people do, so I’m all "good on ya!" about that. Overall, I recognize that it’s an amazing document, drafted by seriously bright men, and there has probably been nothing like it before or since. That said, it’s a tad dated. Why can’t it be considered a living breathing document that can be molded, slightly, to reflect today’s society? No one envisioned high speed communication vessels, or tubes, if you prefer, no one anticipated Claymore mines or large caliber, automatic weapons in the hands of drunks or SuperPatriots. Further, I should state that I am aware that you were just having fun with this post, but someone e-mailed me that we were having a fight, and i had to come see who was winning…:)

  5. A fight?! I was trying to drop a not-so-subtle hint that my arms-bearing readers should send me pictures of them wearing nothing but a smile and their right to bear arms.And, shoot, if you weren’t going to enjoy your right to bear arms, then you could just send me a picture of you wearing nothing but a smile.You know, this could explain why I’m still single. Here I’m all like "Ooh, watch me be all teasingly flirty and see if I can’t get some naked men in my in box" and the rest of the internet is all "Oh, holy shit, is B. pissed at Mack! We’d better tattle and warn him."I may suck at flirting.

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