Ivy Insults the Old Man

In a post shockingly titled "Wednesday, My Ass", Ivy says

I hate how the word "Wednesday" is spelled. Why is it pronounced "Wends-day" and it is spelled "Wed-nes_day"? 

Ivy, my heart!  You’ve hurt my heart! How can you be mad at a day named after the coolest god ever?

It’s spelled Wednesday because it’s Wodan’s day.  It’s pronounced Wensday because the English mumble.  They’ve got places like Woodway House and Wansdyke and Wensley that are all named after Woden.  Shoot, the Swedes aren’t much better.  They’ve got Onsala, Onson, Onsberget, Onsatter, Onsjo, and Onslunda all named after Odin.

Just remember that it’s Wodan’s day and you’ll always get your d and n in the right order.

8 thoughts on “Ivy Insults the Old Man

  1. Ivy, I’ll try, if you pretend not to care that I’m only an eighth Swedish. Mostly, you’d just be screwing a chick of German-descent, which, has its own charms because I believe means that we taste vaguely of powdered sugar.Lovelesscynic, where to start? Aside from being the seed for every wizard in popular culture–Merlin, Gandalph, etc.–and the namesake of Wednesday and thus the namesake of Wednesday Addams, I think he’s the coolest god ever for two important reasons. One, he never met a boundary he didn’t want to cross, a limit he doesn’t test, in his quest for knowledge. I couldn’t live like that, but I do find it inspiring. I should do more things for the sake of doing them, just to have the experience, just to find out about myself from it.But two, Odin respects human women. What other god does? Most gods, when they interact with women, are looking for vessels to carry their divine seed. And not that there aren’t some hints of that with Odin (you wouldn’t have so many folks tracing thir ancestry back to him if that weren’t the case), but those aren’t the stories that have come down to us.Instead, we see Odin enjoying his evenings drinking and sharing stories with Saga (who may have been, probably was, Frigg). We see him learning how to Seidr from Freyja. And, most importantly, I think, we see that women know things that Odin doesn’t know and that he both enjoys the sometimes sexual games he plays to charm that knowledge out of them and that he respects that knowledge and the fact that he doesn’t know it.Just imagine that for a second. One of the most powerful beings in the world, one who is dedicated to acquiring knowledge, and he needs to learn from women, even from human women, the kinds of things that aren’t readily obvious to men.That valuing of us as something more than humble vessel for divine offspring is amazing, I think. And that recognition of our value and of our brains? Come on! What nerdy girl can resist that?

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