Your Morning Weather Report

Damn it’s cold out!  If you’re going to take the dog out before seven, you need a hat and some mittens.  Well, if you can time travel, and are planning to take the dog out before seven, then you need a hat and some mittens.

It is so cold I thought I’d be able to just snap my fingers right off.  I wonder how the dog can stand it, but she seems to love it.  She whines before we go out because I’m not moving fast enough for her tastes, and then she wants to sniff everything, pee on everything, and just generally run around like a wild woman while she’s out there.

Well, to each her own, I say.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and, if it does, I’ll try to get you some video of her running around in it, trying to catch all the flakes in her mouth.

6 thoughts on “Your Morning Weather Report

  1. Ha, so true. Although, I still remain amazed by the knowledge that poop is steaming hot for a while after it hits the ground. Tee hee.

  2. Percy loves the snow, too. She just runs madly through it eating it in giant chompfuls. But she’s also a big baby about the cold. This morning and yesterday morning (it’s been single digits here), she’s gotten some snow caught in her paws and it starts to hurt and she starts limping, but in a totally out-of-proportion-I’m-pathetic kind of way. It kind of looks like she’s dancing. I laugh, but then I go over and warm her paws up in my mittens. These inside dogs. They’re so spoiled.

  3. This is actually one of the rare times I can get all of mine to voluntary come in without a great big hassle and headache, they are okay with cold weather but they don’t like it or want to stay out long when it’s this cold. I’m sorry Mrs. Wigglebottom doesn’t see it quite the same way!

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