I Don’t Like JD

We constantly watch Scrubs on Comedy Central and catch the new ones when we remember to.  I’ve watched the show and liked it since it started, but lately I’ve come to realize that I don’t like JD.  I mean, I really actively dislike him.

Watching older episodes, I realize there never was a time when he wasn’t annoying and mean and I just didn’t see it.


19 thoughts on “I Don’t Like JD

  1. I think JD is the best TV physical comedian since Dick Van Dyke. I must be in the very small minority here, but I love the show and think that he’s hilarious. Selfish, small-minded and superficial – YES..but then again, so was George Costanza.

  2. How is he mean? To me, he’s a bumbling, lovable schlub, ever hopeful and forgiving. Annoying I’ll give you, but mean? Dr. Cox and the janitor are the mean ones. And Kelso. Aside, does the janitor even have a name? I don’t ever recall it being mentioned.

  3. Janitor does not have a name. I’m with you john h. JD is thoughtless and says mean things, but I don’t think he’s intentionally mean, and when he is thoughtless and cruel, he generally pays for it.

  4. Not that I am in way conflating the entertainment value of American Idol with Scrubs, but, Dr. Cox is to Scrubs as Simon Cowell is to AI. Chiefly, the main reason to watch the show. Mean, acerbic, sardonic and largely disgusted..what more could you want in a main character?The hideous singers on AI are the equivalent to the insanity Cox attempts to being into some kind of mental order…or maybe I’M just crazy.

  5. Okay, I dig Scrubs. I think it’s a new modern day hip sort of comedy. And as for J.D., I wouldn’t really want him to hang out with me, but I’m not down on him.I really love the janitor and Dr. Cox.Especially Dr. Cox.Incidentally, I’ve only watched it in reruns.

  6. I’ve never watched Scrubs on NBC or an original Scrubs episode. My jones for Scrubs is thanks to a local channel running two reruns per night from 10:00 to 11:00..

  7. Zach Braff is my TV boyfriend. This posts makes me sad and makes me want to throw a few slimy things at your head until you see things my way.

  8. THWAP! WHO’S YOUR DADDY??? SAY IT!!! THWAP THWAP THWAP!!! Repeat after me, bitch! Zach Braff’s my Daddy. SAY IT! THWAP!!! THWAP! THWAP!Naughty naughty naughty girl…

  9. Oh, my god, Plimco. I don’t think we could play this game in real life, because I was with you up until "bitch" and then I was all like "Oh, no! Is Plimco really pissed at me?" and then I was all "Oh, no. Wait. We’re just playing."I’m such a baby.

  10. I think mean is going too far. I think he’s self-absorbed and thoughtless, yes. All that time he spends paying attention to his imagination doesn’t always leave much awareness left for the world around him. But like someone else commented, he doesn’t do mean things on purpose. Now Janitor, that’s mean. But I like those two, anyway. I think flawed characters are more interesting to watch than "good" ones. And I don’t think Scrubs tries to pretend that its characters are less flawed than they are. I’ll take Scrubs any day over something like Will and Grace (those people are supposed to be friends? All they do is shoot purposeful barbs at one another and then gloat with every inch of their body about their supposed wit) or Everybody Loves Raymond (more like Everybody Hates Each Other, or Why Wome Families Should Avoid Togetherness and Instead Seek Divorce and Estrangement-STAT)

  11. Oh, don’t be sore at me. Here, come rest your head right here on my boob freckle. I’ll rub your head and tell you long, romantic ghost stories. It’ll be okay.

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