Baby B.

I just want to warn you that when you see how cute I was as an infant, you’re going to feel an uncontrollable desire to have babies with me.

Okay, go ahead and take a look.


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  1. Y’all are going to feel so lousy if that’s her mom.Also, the cuteness is killing me. The cuteness of Baby B and that adoring grin on Dad’s face.

  2. The very toes that would later be video stars…and somewhere, even then, the teeniest little boob freckle in the world. She’s totally perfect and she grew up to be awesome you.

  3. Your dad IS wearing a Mu-Mu! And, you were most definitely a cutie as a little bambino! Dig dads stash -it reminds me of my dads crazy ass sideburns, aviators and polyesther shirts unbuttoned 3 down with the gold chain. Ahhh, the good old days. Funny, I posted pics of myself at 3 1/2 today…. in full belly dancing regalia. That feeling of nostalgia must be circulating ’round the midwest!

  4. Oh, I see how it is. We’re all for gender equality and dismantling bullshit gender roles but my dad wears a nightgown in the 70s and it causes mass chaos.No, I tease. The whole time we were growing up, he wore those bizarre giant manly nightgowns. I think my mom made them.

  5. I have just been crazy about your dad ever since his starring in "The House of the Rising Sun" video. This just makes him even more adorable.And that’s a pretty adorable baby he’s holding too!!Wonderful to meet you today, wish I could have spent more time talking with everyone there but my fault for being late… catch up more next trip I hope!

  6. Ha, very funny, Exador. Newscoma’s right. My dad is wearing pajamas just like Scrooge’s, who we all know is the patron saint of libertarians. Are you suggesting that people who emulate libertarians make bad parents?When my dad sent me the picture, he was like "Everyone will know it’s you, because you already look like you’re trying to say something, probably trying to boss someone around."

  7. That’s funny. Here I was, feeling all touched that your dad selected a photo where he was clearly just digging on your wonderfulness so that you could see the love that was shining through in his heart…and then he goes and blows it by saying something belittling as he’s giving you the photo. I hate it when they’re jerky like that.

  8. Well, you know, Bridgett, when you can, you have to look and see what there is to see instead of paying attention to whatever bullshit they’re saying to justify such a show of open love.Happily, this photo is so cute it makes it relatively easy. Other times, not so much.

  9. I see the Scrooge reference, but I gotta tell ya that I thought of Heathcliff Huxtable-esqe man nightgowns. I like it. If I share a bed with a man who sleeps with clothing on, I want it to be something easy-access like a nightgown, which will probably have ridden up to his waist in the middle of the night anyhow.

  10. Feminist daughters who find you inexplicably charming, so add that into your equation, math boy.Professor, thinking of you grabbing a hold of my dad is weirding me right the fuck out.

  11. oh shit. that’s weirding me out too. I just started thinking about manly PJs in general, having left your dad behind. Doesn’t read that way though. Sorry (for both of us).

  12. Okay, I keep checking back and forgetting to comment. (Don’t ask…)First, you are awesomely cute!Second, where was this taken? Third, what are those clowns/medeival people DOING to each other on the wall to your dad’s right?

  13. It must have been taken in my bedroom in the parsonage in Grand Rapids. I don’t think those are clowns. If you notice, from the curtains I totally know you secretly covet (which may still be in a box at my parents’ house), my bedroom had a Disney theme. Those may be some random background Disney characters.Though, it does look like some kind of weird cartoon threesome. If that’s the case, even Exador’s got to admit that that would probably be more warping to a young girl than seeing her dad in a night shirt.

  14. Very cute pic. I thought of your dad’s comment when my mom called last night and said, "Your aunt got a great picture of you and Joel. You’re actually smiling. You must have been drinking or something." Nice, mom.

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