Goldilocks and The Thermostat

We’ve had two different air-temperature-changing units in this place since we’ve been here, so I don’t believe the fault lies with either of them, but with the thermostat.  Still, it makes me crazy.

If you imagine a line, not much thicker than this “l” right here at the 65 degree mark and another line, again, not much thicker than an “l”, but orange and moveable, with the goal being to make the orange line line up with the 65 degree line in a way that is both not too cold or not too hot.

If you get it just a smidge to the left of 65 degrees, the house hovers at around 60, with the heat not kicking on until it’s 59 in here.  BRRRR. 

If you get it too far to the right of that 65 degree line, the house hovers around 70 and the heat kicks back on every time it gets down to 65.  That’s a little warm for our tastes.

Right now, I think I have it precariously balanced right at the sweet spot, where it’s neither too warn nor too cold.

Still, I’d like to just be able to set the house to 65 and have it stay there.

Maybe such technology exists and is widely available to rich people, who, by definition, are more moral and deserving of good things than me.

11 thoughts on “Goldilocks and The Thermostat

  1. Newscoma, considering that my thermostat is right at eye level, if Mack could walk by it and whack it with his penis… well, let’s just say that he’s wasting a potential career in porn.It might not change anything about the thermostat, but it’d raise the temperature in the house considerably, I imagine.Jonathan, in a perfect world, yes, but I’m renting.

  2. Ok, so I’d have to stand on a chair….Newscoma, you would have to read yesterday’s thread, if you can stand it…

  3. Oh, you’re renting! Yeah, that changes everything. In the last place I rented, not only could I not control the thermostat, the temp control was in my apt, so if I used a space heater, etc, I made everyone else in the building freeze. I heard from the newest renter not long ago. Apparently she decided she didn’t care if everyone else freezes. That place could get cold.Which would prob make it harder to get your penis up to thermostat level.

  4. Hey B– can you ask your landlord about installing a new thermostat? Basic thermostats are available for about $10-20, and the energy savings would probably pay for it in the first six months. It would make a pretty convincing case!

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