Random Things–The Things I Love Edition

1.  Bob Krumm is talking my favorite thing in the world: copyright.  Ah, copyright, if you were a person, I would make sweet, sweet love to you.  Shoot, if I could print you out and shape you into a smooth enough paper machete mache * phallus, I would make sweet love to you**.

2.  Is there a word for when someone seems blissfully and yet almost evilly un-self-aware?  This word, in your mouth, would taste like hypocrisy with a marshmallowy layer of sweet refusing to consider others covered in bitter chocolate.  Maybe there’s not such a word.

What’s it called when you make someone’s last name into a noun?  Is there a similar word for when you make someone’s last name into an adjective?  And, to that extent, do Germanic names make better adjectives? 

3.  Oh, B-Dub, you tickle me.

Last time I checked my address I lived in America where we speak English.  Why is it so wrong to declare that the government is going to conduct their business in that language then?  Are you all suggesting we whore ourselves even more than we already have as a country?

Let’s hold you to your English-only nonsense, shall we? 

Last–Comes from the Old English last, so you can keep that.

time–Old English tima, so you can keep that.

I–I, Old English

checked–Old French, eschequier, so that’s out

my–comes from mine, which is actually older than English.  I guess we have to get rid of that, too, since we speak only English.

address–from the French, addresser, so that’s out.

lived–from the Old English, libben

in–Old English

America– From the Italian, Amerigo.

where–Old English

we–common Teutonic, older than English, so it’s out.

speak–Old English

English–Older than the English language, may be Teutonic or Latin, so that’s out

So, if we purge the non-English words from your first sentence, because, we speak English, we end up with:

Last time I [] [] [] I lived in [] where [] speak []. 

I look forward to you buying yourself a copy of the OED and similarly purging all non-English words from your vocabulary.  It’ll make your posts read like very angry MadLibs, which has a certain charm, you must admit.



 *Dear god, that was an unfortunate misspelling.

**Oops, I think I just killed my chances of working for Edwards! 

Beers With Bloggers

Even though I was feeling very much like an awkward goody-two-shoes who grew up in a hermetically sealed tube and who you all were secretly rolling your eyes at every time you came here to read, I still went out last night and had some beers with Smiley and RUABelle and Newscoma and Badger (Hedgehog?  Something cute that leaves scars…) and the Squirrel Queen and some too loud jazz band.

I tried to pay for my beer in quarters (though it ended up that I never had to pay for beer at all) and three different people, after seeing my quarters all laid out on the table, made some sort of joke about a really bad stripper.

That tickled me.

Smiley walked me down the scary stairs, too, which was very nice of him, or I would have had to just live at the bar, which would have been difficult for the rest of my life.