Beers With Bloggers

Even though I was feeling very much like an awkward goody-two-shoes who grew up in a hermetically sealed tube and who you all were secretly rolling your eyes at every time you came here to read, I still went out last night and had some beers with Smiley and RUABelle and Newscoma and Badger (Hedgehog?  Something cute that leaves scars…) and the Squirrel Queen and some too loud jazz band.

I tried to pay for my beer in quarters (though it ended up that I never had to pay for beer at all) and three different people, after seeing my quarters all laid out on the table, made some sort of joke about a really bad stripper.

That tickled me.

Smiley walked me down the scary stairs, too, which was very nice of him, or I would have had to just live at the bar, which would have been difficult for the rest of my life.


8 thoughts on “Beers With Bloggers

  1. You may feel all awkward and nerdy, but that’s not how I see you. I think that you have a deep-seated decency and respect for the glorious mess that is humanity without distinction or condition. You’ve retained the capacity to Believe (which many a practitioner of more mainline theologies has not, really). You love big ideas and you have the courage to go with them where they lead. So what’s bad about that? And what’s the alternative? Pinched moral exhaustion served with a side of bitterness? I paid for my kid’s composition books with a stack of quarters last night. The clerk gave me the most pitying look.

  2. Oh, I think you are a goddess. A fucking goddess. Yeah, you got an extra Vicodan, Smiley? My stunt liver wasn’t very functional last night.B., everytime I see you I get a happy. We were all fighting for your affection of who was the wittiest with you as we drove back to the hotel.We have girl crushes.Your fan club president from northwest Tennessee,’coma

  3. B, I’ve only met you once, but you struck me as confident, something I long to be. I have the feeling that it’s quite possible that most people don’t notice how scared and embarrassed we think we look, because they are too busy trying not to show it either.

  4. B, would you give me a call on my cell? I have a technical question on something you do on your blog, that I cannot type with any clarity…I’m e-mailing you my number.

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