Things I Thought Today

1.  If you help run an entity with non-profit status and a mission to make the world a better place, it is immoral for you to grow richer while some of your employees struggle.  All the benefits packages in the world do not make your behavior less immoral and I, for one, think it’s just time to say so out loud.  If we’re all in it together, we should all be in it together and if the CEO is doing much better than most, the groundskeeper ought to be doing much better than most.

2.  I wish I could take a photo of my cool gray/silver strands of hair.

3.  I went to see Ordinary Heroes tonight, which was tremendous on the one hand.  On the other hand, it was such a dynamic moment in our city’s history–I mean, it’s a time when history itself has such a strong, compelling narrative arc–that I found the structure of the play less powerful than it might have been.

4.  The Butcher ate all the cookies.

5.  I like seeing everyone at the Mothership.  Even Sarcastro.  Sometimes he annoys the shit out of me and sometimes, like today, I just wanted to rest my head on his shoulder and hang out quietly with him.  I think he guessed as much, because he kept moving around.

6.  The playwright has a friend who looks like Alton Brown.  Sadly, I didn’t get to see him.

7.  I don’t think I like cheese.

8.  I do like Nashville, though.  I’m glad to be here.

4 thoughts on “Things I Thought Today

  1. It’s always a treat to see you. For what it’s worth I really liked your yellow coat/jacket/apparel. Kind of a happy glow-y look. Re the play..i really didn’t know how to express what you described. When I saw the ‘read-thru’ over at Neuhoff, there were some speeches that worked very well. Some of those same speeches lost their dramatic punch in the more ‘elaborate’ setting. I thought the ending was a little too ‘After school special’, and some of the computer effects didn’t seem to fit.However, and this is a big however for me, the stories and the emotions and the truth, if you will, were powerful enough for me to overlook the faults. I really want people to see this play, especially folks who have lived here any length of time. If you understand that we did have an apartheid structure just 45 years or so ago, stretching back 90 years after reconstruction, and you understand the implications of that piece of history, you realize that there are people alive today who suffered from this AND who allowed this to continue to exist.You can’t tell me that the effects of that system weren’t passed along through the generations and don’t still echo today. Is it better, hell yeah. Should we walk around with a mantle of guilt for the sins of our fathers? Hell no. But, whe have to acknowledge and try to understand.That’s why the play is so important.

  2. It’s interesting the journey you take from idea to words to action when you write — especially co-write — a play. Sometimes, the heartache is at the start. Sometimes, it’s at the end. And, I suppose, for some, the heartache never ceases.

  3. It was just grand to see you, too, yesterday, Ms. B. Yeah, sometimes Sarcastro has that teddy-bear appeal and you just wanna go over and squeeze the stuffing out of him…

  4. Alas, it was good to see you yesterday and on Wednesday. And as for the grey strands of hair, I got ’em.Thanks for being so accomodating, and remember, we come and read you and are taken aback from it all. You have a new fan in my buddy Badger, who was utterly amazed by the blogging community.As for the non-profit comment, worked in it for awhile. The whole thing is of the good but needs an overhaul because it has been politicized.The Numero One reason I went back to doing the news thing.The minute details of actually doing a grant boggles the mind.

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