I Don’t Know How the Internet Works

Squarespace lets me see incoming referrals.  So, if you link to me and someone clicks it, I see that they came to me through you.  I get a shit ton of referrals from scam sites.

What’s the point of this?  I’ve checked out a couple of them, just to see and it doesn’t seem that I’m actually being linked to.  I get probably fifty to a hundred a day and they usually come in at two or three different times per day so that I can easily tell that they’re fake.

Someone explain to me, what good does that do them?  I only clicked back through to investigate for this blog post, otherwise, I just ignore them.  Other than betting on the off-chance that I’ll click through, is there some other purpose served by linking to me? 

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How the Internet Works

  1. i keep thinking it’s a pyramid scheme of some sort. that the people who do those mailings are the ones who answer the "earn 5,000 a week!!" ads; they pay for the addresses and then keep sending and sending and sending on the promise of far commissions when someone bites.that’s my theory anyway. i could be wrong.

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