My Days are Filled with Bloggers

I forgot to tell you the weirdest coolest thing of my weekend.  So, I’m sitting there at Ombi Bar* talking about how I’d spent lunch with the Nashville bloggers when the woman across the table from me is all like "What?!  There are Nashville blogger get-togethers?  How do you find out about them?"  and I told her all about WKRN and Nashville is Talking and all y’all and she just sat there dumbfounded, like if a person had put up a little house in a field north of Franklin 20 years ago and awoke to discover she was surrounded by suburbs.

So, to Colleen, I say "Welcome to the Nashville blogosphere, even though you were already here.  I hope you like barbecue, because that’s the best perk we’ve got."

Then Sunday I went over to Brittney and Kevin’s to watch "Wet Hot American Summer," which was delightfully silly.

Though Brittney assured me her dogs were terrible beasts who couldn’t behave, I found them to be sweet.  They will, however, never be allowed to hang out with Mrs. Wigglebottom, as the last thing I need is for her to learn how to balance herself on the back of the couch.

Also, they fed me the best pizza and we had a good yak and then I came home and had to spend ten minutes waiting for Mrs. W to finish sniffing all of the places on me that Brittney’s dogs had spent all evening sniffing on me.  I felt a little like a fire hydrant, without the being peed on part. 





*Which I’ll not pass judgment on in public except to say that, if folks are going to pay that much for cheese, you damn well better supply them with enough crackers to eat it with. 

5 thoughts on “My Days are Filled with Bloggers

  1. Thanks Aunt B, for the enlightenment regarding Nashville blogging. My eyes are now opened to a whole new community! Love your blog, btw. Thanks for the link!

  2. Colleen – I enjoyed following the link from B’s site. I wanted to comment on your post about Actor’s Bridge and your dog, but I wasn’t able since you have some kind of comment registration required to comment. If that ‘obstacle’ is intentional, then cool, but if you are hoping more people will comment, then you might want to change your comment settings.Btw..good looking blog, Colleen. Thanks to B for once again for showing me stuff.

  3. Thanks, John H. I think I may have gone a little overboard with the comment protection. I’ve changed some settings and think it should be easier for you to leave a comment, should you choose to do so.

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