I Do Need that Genius Grant

Last night, a couple of the Butcher’s friends were over, one of whom works at a bank and was all, "Oh, you should totally buy a house; all the cool kids are doing it."

I’m in no position to buy a house for reasons we need not rehash again.

But we decided that, if we were going to buy a house, it would be awesome to have a house on Phillips Street.  And so we looked on Realtracs and lo and behold there’s a house on Phillips Street.

I think the Butcher was convinced that it was a sign.

Considering our circumstances, I’m convinced it was just the universe mocking us.

One thought on “I Do Need that Genius Grant

  1. Food for thought: We saved for 3 years to buy our first house, but all the while we looked at houses on the market just to torture ourselves. In the first year of saving, we found the most awesome house. I cried because we couldn’t buy it and hated the sellers for not having the courtesy to wait to sell until we could afford to buy it. The realtor stayed in touch with us and 3 months later told us that it sold to a cute couple just like us. Saying I felt screwed over didn’t do justice to how I really felt any. A year later we found out that the land that the house was built on was contaminated.

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