Come On, Own Up

Which one of you conservatives was talking smack about how the recovery in Mississippi was going so well and Louisiana was just a pit of liberal despair and depravity?

Okay, you don’t have to admit it was you.

Just the thought of your face turning red as you read this article about how State Farm isn’t going to write any more new policies in Mississippi and hasn’t decided how many people they’ll stop insuring BECAUSE OF ALL THE LITIGATION, which, I might point out, would not be happening if things were going so swimmingly.

Can we just admit that the recovery efforts for the whole area have been FUBAR since day one? 

3 thoughts on “Come On, Own Up

  1. I think the lawsuit is more about the fact that insurance companies know every loophole in the book to screw you out of the coverage you have faithfully paid to have access to for years rather than the recovery effort at large. That being said, I have no idea how the recovery is going in Mississippi, but I cannot miss a chance to rail on insurance companies.

  2. Please, please, don’t start talking about insurance companies. Because I will go into the rant to end all rants if you do.

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