Stacey Campfield Wants In Your Medical Records

Yes, another post about abortion.  Skip if necessary.

Now Stacey Campfield’s trying to come back all “I’m just making a reasonable suggestion.”  Let’s take a look at his post, shall we? 

1. We give out death certificates to miscarried babies now. It is done
on a weight determination basis. So in the eyes of the state the baby
is (or was) a life.

First, pregnancies are miscarried, not babies or fetuses, or whatever.  If we’re going to talk about scientific things, let’s be sure we’re using our terms correctly.  Second, that didn’t take long for him to go dragging people’s personal tragedies into this did it?   

2. When a person does a heinous crime and beats up A pregnant woman and
kills her and the baby it is a double murder. In other states It is
called Lacy’s law after the Lacy Peterson case. So in the eyes of the
state the baby is (or was) a life. In these cases the child would also
receive a death certificate.

I know it’s inconvenient to his argument, but shall we look at the relevant legislation?   I direct your attention to TN 39-13-214, which informs us that, for the purposes of laws dealing with homicide, “For purposes of this part, ‘another’ and ‘another person’ include a viable fetus of a human being,
when any such term refers to the victim of any act made criminal by the
provisions of this part.” [emphasis mine]

What can we learn from this?  1.  That an assault on a woman that ended her pregnancy is only murder if the fetus is viable and not at any point along the pregnancy.  and 2.  that the state law recognizes that a fetus is not quite a legal person under most circumstances, by the wording “of a human being.”  It isn’t quite yet a human being.  It’s the fetus of one.

Let’s go back to Campfield. 

This bill will give information to the state that is not available now
on how many abortions are given each year as well as information on
race, age, weight.

The first part is a lie.  We know how many abortions are done each year in Tennessee.  That’s information collected by the Health Department. 

The third–age–is also a lie.  We know that.  If you look at TN 39-15-201, if you’re going to perform an abortion in Tennessee, you’d better be damn sure how old that fetus is before you perform the abortion, because depending on how far along the pregnancy is, there are different legal requirements.

 Why is Campfield hung up on the weight of the fetus?  I can’t be sure.

But let’s talk a second about the implications of him wanting to know the race.  You can’t tell the race of a fetus by looking at it.  You could only tell based on the race of the folks who’ve contributed DNA to it.

And here, I think, we see the real motivation behind Campfield’s legislation–it is to collect data, but not on the fetuses; it’s an attempt to backdoor into the private medical records of individual Tennesseans.  Right now, legally, if you have an abortion, the abortion is reported to the state, but the names of the parents are not (TN 68-3-505).   If you miscarry and the fetus is a certain age or weight, a death certificate is issued and the names of the parents are recorded and reported to the state (TN 68-3-505).

If Campfield succeeds in passing this legislation, he’ll have wormed his way into individuals’ private medical records that are legally off-limits to him. 

Makes you think, doesn’t it? 

14 thoughts on “Stacey Campfield Wants In Your Medical Records

  1. B, I think you’re onto something with this. I was just thinking this morning about how this is really a way to intimidate women and for the state to have a record of personal information on women who have abortions. Death records are documents that are available to the public, although the state’s site currently says, "The cause of death is not normally included on a certified copy unless specifically requested and then is available only to certain family members or legal representatives." It’s not clear to me how this would be affected by HIPAA laws

  2. Rachel, I am falling over. I mean, I posted this, got in the shower, and then started thinking about the implications of this: he wants the name of every woman in Tennessee who’s had an abortion. He wants medical information he cannot legally obtain and so he’s going to make himself a back door into it.I am about falling over. I just can’t believe it, but it has to be. All the information he claims he wants is already collected by the state–how many abortions there are, how far along the fetus was (and, I assume the weight would be a part of proving that), etc.So, he’s lying when he says that’s what he’s up to. So, you have to wonder, if he’s lying about what he says he’s up to, what is he really up to?He wants those names.He can’t get what he wants legally so he’s going to use his power as a legislator to try to recraft the law so that he can get at it.If I can figure out how to formulate my questions, I’m going to ask them over at his blog.

  3. If the motivation were truly just to collect information so you have better demographics on abortion, couldn’t you just change the reporting requirements to be more detailed, rather than issuing death certificates that would require personal naming information?

  4. I think y’all are wrong about his motivation (but it’s just a guess). I hate it when someone who is not equipped to handle it (Campfield) stumbles across a Truth (cognitive dissonance concerning this issue), and he has no idea what to do with it. I was eventually going to speak on this, but a bumbling idiot (Campfield) got there first. Maybe later.I will say no more, because today is a kind of holy day for a hopeless romantic like me. I’m not in the mood. However, one day soon, I hope to reasonably discuss this here.

  5. I’m not sure what Slarti’s truth is, but I’m inclined to agree with him in general. I don’t think Campfield thought it through to that point. I’d say he probably just thought of it as a step in the direction he wanted to go. You’d think his staff would figure it out though.

  6. Hmm, then, you raise an interesting point. If you suspect someone is dumb as rocks, is it better to talk to them as if they’re dumb as rocks or to talk to them as if they’ve got a brain?If Campfield is dumb as rocks, then his motivations probably aren’t actually sinister. But if he’s got half a brain, then they must be.I don’t know. I’d rather treat him like he knows what he’s doing. Treating him like he’s stupid runs the risk of making me look like some intellectual elitist.

  7. Did you get a look yet at his "rules" for comments he posted yesterday?If one can’t take the heat and take ALL feedback from the public, my feeling is basically that one should get out of the public servant kitchen, because one isn’t serving the public making such (cough) rules. And one should be getting out the blogging kitchen too, probably, but, whatever.The only reason I know who Campfield is is because of a tacky and tasteless snarky attention-grabbing stunt he pulled on his blog in December and when I called him on it, he not only edited my comments profusely but deemed me "emotional" and "overboard".I am like the LEAST politically interested person in the entire NIT community – and WILL be a registered voter residing in Knox County one day in the fairly near future. So it’s kind of a sick joke on him that probably the least politically interested person in the entire state of TN (which are the kind of voters he should be most concerned about) is now motivated to not only vote against him, but work for the other side to see his defeat in any office he endeavors to seek.By all rights I shouldn’t even know or CARE who he is, but because of his bad blogging behavior and bad judgment in posting and poor taste, I sure do now. His blog is his worst enemy in that regard. I’m just one person, I often wonder how many other potential voters (and probably some of his own supporters) he turns off with his poor judgment in the crap he posts over there.

  8. First and foremost, I am not, nor have I ever been pregnant. And to be equally clear, I have never had an abortion and I pray that I never have to make that type of decision.B, I have mulled over this since the first posting on it and I am SO FUCKING MAD, wait – FURIOUS, I can’t hardly work or see straight!!!!What in FUCK?Now I not only fear that Big Brother is watching ME, but now he’s going to be watching my uterus?Stock up on the Plan B pill ladies; oh wait, those are probably on the list too.Fuck, I hate people who get into mine and my uterus’ my business

  9. Elizabeth, I know. I’m sorry to keep harping on it, but it just makes me feel so viscerally sick to my stomach.It’s like they get so caught up in this madness about trying to define just when life starts so that they can make their precious laws that make them feel like they’ve done some good in the world, that they forget that real women have real messy lives that don’t always go the way we want them to and that we real women are attached to those fetuses.I hate how they get to pat themselves on the back for being all compassionate because they care so much about fetuses, and they get to use that "compassion" to be so damn cruel and nosy towards women.

  10. oh, no. Don’t apologize for "harping on it." I’m glad you’re harping on it.Somebody NEEDS to harp on it.I am SO OVER all these so called self-righteous people (men) who think they are making the world a better place by limiting the choices of women.I mean, heaven forbid we women have the right to make our own choices about our own bodies.Give assholes like this Campfield character a little bit of power and eventually they will repeal our right to vote.And, for the record, it’s not just Christians that are pro-life. I am a Christian and I am pro-choice. I believe that God gives us the right to choose right and wrong. (Note: I don’t go telling other people how to live their lives as to what my interpretation of right and wrong may be) Obviously, by Campfield’s raising this issue to a vote, we women aren’t smart enough to choose what to do with our own bodies b/c he believes we must be monitored according to what he believes is right and wrong by his own interpretation of his moral compass. What a self-righteous prick.I guess we women should keep our wire hangers handy… at least until those are outlawed and/or monitored.No, please don’t stop harping on this.It NEEDS to be harped on more.

  11. Dang, Veronica. I’m glad you wrote that, even though it must have been really hard. I just sometimes feel like certain anti-abortion folks are so sure of the rightness of their cause that they never stop to consider the implications of what they’re doing or how hard that will make it difficult for people who inadvertently get caught up in the debate.

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