Well, shoot, being all investigative this morning and then reporting it to you sure has been fun.  But dang, I was disappointed to see that other people’d already thought of that.  It must suck to be a reporter and think you’ve got the inside track on something only to find that everyone else is also flocking there.

Also, it was so cold when I walked the dog this morning that it bothered me when my legs touched my pants, because my pants were freezing.  I have to tell you, when I think about my perfect dog walking outfit, I begin to see a future for myself full of eyes of newt.

Because, in my perfect dog walking outfit for this time of year, I’d have hiking boots with good tread, long underwear, a long, long skirt that had warm petticoats under it, my coat, gloves, and a large brimmed hat to keep the rain and or snow off my face.

It’s true!  I am becoming a witch. 

One thought on “Transformations

  1. Aunt B, that’s the outfit I wear to the office in the winter. Except, if it’s windy (which it often is), I substitute "warm unbrimmed hat firmly pinned to balaclava" for the "large-brimmed hat."It’s a darned comfy outfit, too, and peelable, in layers, for places that are heated/overheated.

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