B. From the Future!

Greetings those of you in the past. I write to inform you that 5:08 will be no worse than 4:08 and will possibly be better.

I know you all appreciate the things I do for you, like traveling to the future to let you know that, at least for another hour, everything will be okay.

Here in the future, otherwise known as Jacksonville, Florida, we’re going on a cruise here in an hour or so.

Mack asked that I bring him back a little somthin’ somethin’. Among my peers, this means some smooches. I’ve had a difficult time overpowering anyone, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

On the flight down here, I sat next to someone who was working on her third valium and at least her second drink of the day. As you can imagine, she slept most of the flight.

I got a fair way into The Preservationist, which I am liking the hell right out of.

I saw the ocean out my airplane window. I felt like the world is such a beautiful place and I am so small in it.

State Representative Threatens Beloved Local Blogger

I’m about to head to the airport and I haven’t had a chance to hear back from the local blogger under threat and so I’m not going to draw more attention to him here by naming him, but folks, Campfield has for sure crossed a line that is completely and utterly unacceptable.

In a post today, he says:

5. If you work for the state and spend a large chunk of your day surfing the web and complaining about how bad a piece of legislation is, Do you think I should trust you to be non biased when doing an assessment of said legislation? Do you think this is an ethical lapse? Do you think I should trust you when you say you are over worked but seem to have plenty of time to surf the web and author long posts and comments on blogs during time you are getting paid to work? Do you think you would get away with it on a real job?

As far as I know, and I’ve been keeping up on this issue, there’s only been one state employee who’s addressed this issue*.

I don’t know how else to read that but as a threat.

So, just remember that the next time that Campfield is all "Oh, I just want to spark a reasonable discussion about abortion in this state" or the next time someone like Terry Frank is all "Thanks to Campfield for all the hard work he does. If you’re not both hated and loved, you’re really not doing much.": When Campfield was met with legitimate concerns about his legislation from someone he could try to intimidate, he did.

That’s his idea of a reasonable discussion: threatening the livelihoods of his critics. 




*I have no proof that this local blogger spends his day surfing the net or writing blog posts.  The posts I see from him all appear to be timestamped at times outside of work.  If Campfield has other information about this person’s work habits… well, that he can get that information in 24 hours is pretty scary. 



My bags are almost packed.

I’m trying hard to be be distracted by the thought of half naked scruffy men fighting over me.

I’d like to think that I’ve been much less ridiculous than I usually am before I fly, but that may not be true.

Now I have to go and lay in my bed and stare at the clock.

Today I was convinced that I’d forgotten to make my hotel reservations, just sure as shooting that I was going to get down there and not have a place to stay. 

But it’s okay.  I’ve got a hotel and and flight.

No scruffy men fighting over me, but maybe they’ve got them waiting for me once I get there.