The Treats from Smiley’s House

Other dogs, it seems, will turn up their noses at some treats.  Not Mrs. Wigglebottom.  If it smells okay and doesn’t try to eat her first, she’ll chomp on it.

Well, Smiley and RUABelle gave her some treats that their dog did not like.

And I have neglected to tell you how funny Mrs. W. is with them.  They’re pretty big and shaped like animals or hearts or whatever and I’ll toss one to her and she’ll let it drop in front of her and then she pats her front paws on the ground very near the treat (she’s been known to do this with the cats, but this is the first time I’ve see her do it with food) and wiggles her bottom and pats near the treat some more.  

Today, she kind of tossed it over her head to herself.

And then she ate it.

But I am just tickled with delight at how much she enjoys the pre-game activities.

I wonder if she’s getting silly in her old age. 

Well, Golly!

I was just setting around the old meth lab/stillhouse today, handing my babies cigarette butts to play with to keep them busy while I yet again sat down to marvel at this here interactive picture radio that what let’s me communicate with folks other than my close kin, when I read this right informative comment from PS.

She says,

Here are only SOME of the facts of which I speak: I have lived on 3 CONTINENTS in several countries, some black, some white and some a mixture of both ethnicities.  Only an absolute lamebrain could ignore the screaming looseness, unbridled and usually indiscriminate sexual nature of the white women in this and other countries.

Well, of course, I had to go ask my Paw what some of those words meant, and I was stunned to find out that there were more continents than the United States and Iraq, which are the only two places we’ve ever heard of around here now that all the Vietnam vets are dead.

She goes on:

Judging by a glance at your other rantings, you seem to be a highly irrational creature who may not have the intellectual capacity to properly understand this mail and whose main aim is to live true to the well-crafted image of white people as highly irrational, melanin-deficient and perpetually UNJUSTIFIABLY angry creatures whose pattern of thinking consistently defies the natural rule of life, namely: logic.  Logic in life equates a DEFICIENCY with INFERIORITY of some sort. a deficiency, is just that: a LACK of something.  This race is clearly ridden with numerous deficiencies ranging from musculature to creativity and in this case, clearly, intellect.  It is no reason, however, to be serial murderers trying to destroy every person without those deficiencies, steal their ideas and take credit for their work, rape their women, and spread lies using media channels.

Well, by god, once I leaned that “this race is clearly ridden with numerous deficiencies” I wrote a letter to NASCAR to warn them.  I just about couldn’t stand it if Dale Junior got hurt again, so I hope they can get those deficiencies taken care of before the next race.

But I’ll say this, PS has convinced me.  I went down in the cellar and untied the girls I spend my babies’ nap times playing with and I swear, as all y’all as my witnesses, I am done with the serial murdering.  From here on out, I will just murder one at a time.

I have seen the light.  I am reformed. 

Now, where’s me a cousin?  I’m needing some lovin’.